Elsevier Connect wins award for outstanding achievements in communications

The North American Excellence Awards competition drew 2,600+ entries

Elsevier Connect Editor-in-Chief Alison Bert presents at the North American Excellence Awards Symposium, showing a clip of Elsevier Author Brian Greene explaining gravitational waves to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. (Photo by Angelina Ward)

Elsevier Connect, our online community and news site, posts daily stories for the science, technology and health communities – many of which are written by our readers. So when we win an award, the first thing that comes to mind is to thank our contributors.

Angelina Ward, Elsevier’s Director of Social Media & Digital Communications, and Alison Bert, Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier Connect, accept the North American Excellence Award for Science & Education.That’s what our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Alison Bert (@alisonbert), did last week in accepting the 2016 North American Excellence Award for the category of Science & Education.

The Excellence Awards were started nine years ago in Europe and are hosted by Communication Director, a magazine for global decision makers in corporate communications and public affairs. With the rapid global development of the communications professions, the organizers have expanded the awards globally this year, offering them in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Africa and North America for the first time.

Of the Science & Education category, the organizers state on the website:

Whether preparing us for life outside of academia, or informing us how the world around us works, the impact of education and the discoveries of science have a major impact on how we view and relate to the world. This category rewards the cream of communications from the science and education industries.

In a related symposium for communications professionals prior to the awards ceremony, Alison showed how Elsevier Connect’s contributors convey the complexities of science and scholarly communication in a way that is meaningful to a broad and diverse audience around the world. She highlighted stories about scientific discoveries, tips for fellow researchers, inspirational scientists , and innovations in the ever-evolving world of science communication. And she spotlighted the contributions of our STEM professionals within Elsevier, who work closely with members of the scientific and medical communities around the world to develop innovation approaches for data sharing, open science, and accessing key health information at the point of care.

In attending the daylong event, Alison was in impressive company. Organizers said there were more than 2,600 entries, and other winners included:

  • MasterCard for “Selfie Pay”: Tapping into widespread password frustration, this campaign showed customers how they will soon be able to authenticate their online purchases with “selfies,” opting for facial recognition techniques such as retina scanning. Tying into the company’s investment in security and biometric authentication, it took first prize for Technology & Consumer Electronics.

We launched Elsevier Connect in the fall of 2012 as part of our social business strategy, led by our Director of Social Media & Digital Communications Angelina Ward (@angelinaward), to better connect our broad community of researchers, authors, partners, users and customers to Elsevier and the work we do to support science.

“Meaningful content is truly the heart of how we engage as a company and how employees have learned to embrace social media,” Angelina said about the award. “It’s great to watch as Elsevier grows into a social business and achieves goals higher than we had imagined. Having Alison’s journalistic background combined with a well-thought-out content strategy has been one of the main reasons for our success.”

As Editor-in-Chief, Alison has developed and managed a team of employee, industry and partner contributors and published more than 1,100 stories, which reach a monthly average of over 160,000 unique visitors and receive more than 220,000 pageviews. Elsevier Connect’s community extends through our social channels, particularly Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which together amount to over 350,000 followers.

I’m proud of Angelina, Alison and our team of colleagues that helped Elsevier Connect gain this recognition – plus all the contributors, both inside and outside of Elsevier.

Elsevier Connect Contributor

Tom RellerAs VP and Head of Global Corporate Relations at Elsevier, Tom Reller (@TomReller) leads a global team of media, social and web communicators for the world's largest provider of scientific, technical and medical (STM) information products and services. Together, they work to build on Elsevier's reputation by promoting the company's numerous contributions to the health and science communities, many of which are brought to life in this online community and information resource: Elsevier Connect.

Tom directs strategy, execution and problem-solving for external corporate communications, including media relations, issues management and policy communications, and acts as a central communications counsel and resource for Elsevier senior management. Additionally, he develops and nurtures external corporate/institutional relationships that broaden Elsevier's influence and generate good will, including partnerships developed through the Elsevier Foundation.

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