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Innovation Intelligence

Innovation Intelligence

Scientific insights for better outcomes.

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Why Elsevier?

We combine subject-matter and data science expertise to illuminate the right evidence, in the right way and at the right time. Our subject-matter expertise means we understand your world and the context in which you’re working. Data science expertise means we know what to do with the evidence base — how to enrich, analyze and use it — giving you the critical perspective you need, when you need it.

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For R&D intensive companies who need to ensure that business-critical decisions are based on information that is reliable and actionable.

Elsevier’s Innovation Intelligence helps companies improve outcomes by transforming validated data into scientific insights at every stage of the R&D workflow.

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Innovation Intelligence from Elsevier


Data-driven solutions to help the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies make new discoveries and develop targeted medicines — and to help ensure compliance and drug safety. We also provide support healthcare professionals with the right insights they need to help improve patients’ lives.

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Chemicals & Materials

The world’s leading chemical companies turn to us in their product development process for solutions to successfully develop, improve and commercialize compounds — so they can achieve commercial success, chemical safety and sustainability.

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Supporting your industry's innovation

Measuring & Sensing

Scientific insights for smarter environments. Supporting your research in material measurement and analysis, signaling and more.


Scientific insights for enhanced wellbeing. Supporting your research in food, flavors, nutrition and more.


Scientific insights for cultivating resilience. Supporting your research in agricultural inputs, including seeds, chemicals, agricultural equipment and more.

Consumer Goods

Scientific insights for improved lifestyles. Supporting your research in personal goods, leisure goods, cosmetics, domestic equipment.


Scientific insights for seamless connections. Supporting your research in semiconductor technology and more.

Electric Power

Scientific insights for cleaner power. Supporting your research in electric power generation, storage, transmission and control, and more.