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Reaxys is the largest chemical database

Reaxys combines over a billion chemistry data points with AI to support innovation in drug discovery, chemical R&D and academia. Chemists can quickly access relevant patent, substance and bioactivity insights, and an award-winning retrosynthesis tool.

Reaxys product features and chemical formula

Break down information silos and accelerate chemistry research

Stay ahead in your field with access to over 100 million documents

With Reaxys' comprehensive patent and journal coverage, chemists can:

  • Identify new partners and innovation opportunities, from novel drug targets to innovative semiconductor materials

  • Learn about the latest developments in pharma and chemical research

  • Gain a deep understanding of the competitive landscape to anticipate and mitigate IP risks

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Design new substances and optimize their properties

Reaxys has the largest and most reliable collection of physicochemical, toxicology and bioactivity data to help chemists:

  • Design novel compounds with improved properties, from target affinity, to conductivity or solubility

  • Anticipate safety risks, assess the toxicology and ADME profile of compounds

  • Optimize potency and selectivity of leads with SAR

Reaxys Heatmap example

Accelerate synthesis with access to predicted and published routes

Award-winning predictive retrosynthesis combines high-quality reaction data with AI technology to help chemists:

  • Plan synthesis with innovative and scientifically robust routes, available in minutes

  • Analyze and edit reaction steps by reviewing underlying literature references and experimental conditions, all in one view

  • Select routes to take to the lab based on commercial availability of starting materials

Reaxys Retrosynthesis sample

Drive innovation, increase data interoperability

Multidisciplinary teams can work more efficiently by:

  • Breaking down information silos by making in-house and external data searchable and actionable

  • Integrating Reaxys data in ELNs and custom applications using Reaxys API

  • Building knowledge graphs and developing predictive models with off-platform data

Reaxys chemistry ecosystem

Why choose Reaxys for your chemistry research?

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100 million documents, 35 million patents

Comprehensive and up-to-date journal and patent coverage from 16,000 journals and 105 patent offices.
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260 million substances, 500 million physicochemical data points

Substances from articles, patents and commercial catalogs, including experimental data (NMR, Mass, IR spectra, crystal properties, solubility, etc.)
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44 million bioactivities

Normalized bioactivity data points with references (in-vivo and in-vitro toxicity, ADME). SAR analysis with heat map.
Synthesis planning picto

Predictive retrosynthesis

Combination of AI technology and 73 million high-quality reactions, including references and experimental procedures.
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310 million commercial products

Up-to-date commercial availability of 105 million substances (with price, purity and package size) from 460 suppliers. Option to define preferred vendors.
predictive model

Off-platform chemical data

Curated chemical data via API and secure data download for search, discovery and predictive modeling applications.

"Reaxys provides our researchers with rich data and comprehensive perspectives for problem solving, and thus ensures that our synthetic work is based on better solutions."

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Rujian Ma

Vice President of Chemistry at WuXi AppTec

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