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Elsevier datasets and user tools expedite drug discovery and design

Pharmaceutical companies need to base research and business decisions on reliable and actionable data. Elsevier’s Innovation Intelligence delivers that data together with analytics and services to extract relevant insights.

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What we offer for pharmaceuticals

Tools, data and technology that lead to scientific insights for healthier futures

R&D organizations are under business pressure to accelerate the innovation cycle in areas such as drug development, discovery and microbiology. We improve outcomes by illuminating and transforming scientifically validated data at every stage of the innovation workflow.

  • Improving effectiveness: Scientific insights lead to actionable decisions and meet market demand

  • Reducing risk: Ensuring companies have the information they need to avoid patent infringement or late failing projects

  • Maximizing efficiency: Innovate faster, optimize production, reduce costs and eliminate downtime

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We can help you meet your specific requirements and understand which data you need to answer your questions, including:

  • Standard datasets from our well-known user tools, including chemistry and bioactivity data

  • Custom datasets (including FAIR) tailored to specific use cases

Learn more about Datasets.

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Data Enrichment

Supporting the important task of transforming data so it can help answer your questions. We can also partner with you to deliver enriched data to your users.

Featured products:

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Data Analytics

Use our semantic search indexes, knowledge graphs and predictive tools to find the right information when you need it. Answer your critical questions with evidence-based insights and build reliable models to forecast future innovation outcomes.

Featured products:

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Expert Support

With career backgrounds in data science, informatics, chemistry, pre-clinical research, clinical development and information management, our experience in industry-standard taxonomies and custom data curation enables us to address your complex data challenges — and help you make better decisions.

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