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We solve data integration and applied analytics challenges across life sciences and engineering industries

Elsevier Professional Services is an agile team of practice consultants that specialize in bespoke data integration and applied analytics. With career backgrounds in data science, informatics, chemistry, pre-clinical research, clinical development, and information management, their experience in industry-standard taxonomies and custom data curation enables them to addresses complex data challenges across industries and scientific domains.

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How we help our customers

Elsevier's Professional Services team integrates, harmonizes and analyzes data with predictive analytics and machine learning to accelerate discoveries, reduce risk, provide market intelligence, identify potential drug and patient safety signals, and much more. Check out these four key areas where our team can support your complex data challenges.

Drug design

Drug design optimization

  • Target-related custom reports
  • Disease pathway analysis
  • Scientific opportunity analysis

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Safety risk

Safety risk assessment

  • Adverse event prediction
  • Scientific risk management

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  • Integrated & harmonized source of chemistry data

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Drug repurposing

  • Drug repurposing custom reports

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Capabilities & core services

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Text mining

The implementation of the Elsevier Text Mining solution to enable information discoverability across unstructured datasets through custom taxonomy mapping, natural language processing, and expertise in search construction.

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Data integration & harmonization

The integration and harmonization of internal and external datasets, in both structured and unstructured formats, based on proprietary and industry-standard ontologies and taxonomies.

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Workflow solutions

The extraction and querying of data to develop custom repositories or dashboards that serve existing workflows and/or make data available to researchers through a new, integrated point of access.

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Custom reporting

The development of custom reports and analytics based on large, integrated sets of Elsevier data solutions, customer data, and/or externally published information.

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Predictive analytics & machine learning

The development of custom algorithms and/or the application of industry-leading algorithms and machine learning techniques to harmonized datasets to accelerate data-driven research.

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Market insights & reports

Market insight: Melanoma report

In this report, we look at the current landscape of melanoma R&D, the biology and mechanisms of the disease, general knowledge gaps, therapeutics, and the new emerging topic of the microbiome melanoma association.

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Case studies

Case Study: Customized data sets for improved discovery

See how a pharmaceutical company was able to rely on a customized database created by the Professional Services team to help find reported mutations in cancer cells.

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Elsevier Text Mining

Elsevier Text Mining enables the retrieval of highly specified information from unstructured content, providing more meaningful answers to complex research questions in less time.

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The Hive: Real stories. Real science. Real time.

Biotech and pharma start-ups are using Elsevier's R&D solutions to solve for early-stage drug discovery and development. Check out real-world case studies and learn how early innovation starts with early access to research.

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Pharma R&D Today blog:

Get a wide range of the latest insights and opinions on pharma-related topics with the Elsevier Pharma R&D blog.

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