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Resolve challenges with data quality and integration, enabling innovative discoveries and more informed decisions.

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Elsevier's Text Mining

Elsevier Text Mining takes the concept of mining databases to a level beyond traditional search engines.

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The new era of immunotherapeutics

Immunotherapeutics, which stimulate a patient’s immune system to combat disease, are changing the way we treat cancer—and will help us fight other diseases too.

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Save time searching

Information managers spend hours searching when they would rather be analyzing pharma company saved valuable time by automating the process.

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Eliminate data silos and discover more

Properly informed decisions in drug development can reduce costs and accelerate the road to market. Yet gaining new insights relies on access to relevant and accurate data. Still, having access to data is not the same as having answers.

Normalizing and organizing life science data from disparate sources in integrated silos facilitates the ability for researchers to compare, analyze, interpret and share data. This broader access and potential for collaboration increases the opportunities to drive pharmaceutical research in innovative directions.

Eliminate data silos and discover more - Professional Services | Elsevier solutions

Maximize R&D productivity and reduce IT costs

Elsevier is more than an information provider. It's a trusted partner in the curation, normalization and integration of life science data. Composed of experts in life sciences research and informatics solutions, the R&D Solutions Professional Services team enables customers to increase R&D productivity, increase the return on information and reduce the cost of IT support.

Drawing on Elsevier’s 140+ years’ experience in curating and classifying life science data, the Professional Services team partners with customers to design tailored solutions that address specific needs. Count on Professional Services to:

  • Customize data retrieval in order to pinpoint relevant answers in the vast amount of published scientific literature — Discover Elsevier Text Mining
  • Optimize data integration and normalization processes that facilitate comparison and analysis
  • Harmonize internal and third-party resources to create integrated, customized databases

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How Professional Services helps our customers

Customized data sets for improved discovery

Customized data sets for improved discovery - Professional Services | Elsevier solutions

See how a pharmaceutical company was able to rely on a customized database created by the Professional Services team to help find reported mutations in cancer cells.

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Support for critical drug repurposing decisions

Support for critical drug repurposing decisions - Professional Services | Elsevier solutions

Find out how the Professional Services team helped breathe new life into a drug by helping a pharmaceutical company assess supporting evidence and find alternative indications.

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Accelerating discovery by integrating disparate data sets

Accelerating discovery by integrating disparate data sets - Professional Services | Elsevier solutions

Find out how a pharmaceutical company was able to harvest research data, normalize it and integrate it into a single database boosting accessibility and collaboration.

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Compliant monitoring of adverse events

Compliant monitoring of adverse events - Professional Services | Elsevier solutions

Learn how a pharmaceutical company was able to rely on our comprehensive strategy for screening scientific literature, reporting adverse events and ensuring compliance.

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Automated retrieval and processing

Automated retrieval and processing - Professional Services | Elsevier solutions

Find out how Elsevier’s Professional Services team has developed techniques to automate regular updates of internal databases, and retrieving and processing of new information.

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Ideas and insights for industry professionals

Balancing in-house and outsourced monitoring

Balanced handling of pharmacovigilance challenges - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Combining outsourced literature management with an in-house solution can help companies overcome search challenges by improving oversight, increasing efficiency and providing greater flexibility in managing workload.

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Improving the accuracy of signal detection

Signal detection in spontaneous reporting - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Pharmacovigilance ensures the correct use of a drug, safeguarding it as a meaningful treatment option. But working with spontaneous adverse event reporting systems poses challenges. Find out how to overcome them.

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Keeping up with all the data

Harnessing the power of content - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Today massive quantities of information are generated daily, completely overwhelming researchers’ ability to keep up with it. Find out how to manage it faster and easier.

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A new approach to modeling

Predictive modeling in data-driven drug discovery - R&D Solutions | Elsevier

Modern data-driven drug design uses all layers of information to create predictive models that select compounds likely to have the desired effects. See how this is changing the industry.

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Find relevant answers, faster

Elsevier Text Mining enables the retrieval of highly specified information from unstructured content, providing more meaningful answers to complex research questions in less time.
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