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Who we are

As a global leader in information and analytics, we help researchers and healthcare professionals to advance science and improve health outcomes, striving to create a better future worldwide.

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Because informed decisions lead to better outcomes

We are proud to help research and healthcare professionals advance science and improve health outcomes by combining quality information and data sets with analytical tools to facilitate insights and critical decisions.

We help researchers share knowledge, collaborate and make discoveries. We deliver insights that help universities, research institutions, governments and funders achieve strategic goals. We help doctors and nurses improve the lives of patients, providing tools to find the right clinical answers. We support R&D-intensive corporations with data-led insights that drive innovation.

"I strongly believe in the mission and the purpose of Elsevier and the impact we have on societal good."

Kumsal Bayazit


Kumsal Bayazit

Chief Executive Officer at Elsevier

We are the world’s leading scientific publisher and data analytics company we have been serving the global research and healthcare communities for more than 140 years. We serve Academic and Government institutions, top research and development-intensive corporations, healthcare institutions, medical and nursing students in over 180 countries and regions.

This is Elsevier

Serving the research community

As the world’s leading scientific publisher, our high quality and trusted journals publish around 630K articles per annum which account for over 17% of global articles, and 28% of global citations, reflecting the quality of the work we publish.

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Driving confidence in research

Building on 140 years of collaboration with the research community we help ensure that quality research can be accessed, trusted, shared and built upon to accelerate progress in society. We work to ensure information is validated and discoverable so that your work can make a difference, and we create tools and platforms to help you showcase your impact.

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Helping people access quality research

Every researcher has a fundamental right to publish in the way that works for them. We offer you a choice of publishing open access or through the subscription model depending on what is right for you. 

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The future of health

We know that as healthcare students, educators, and healthcare professionals you need the highest quality information and tools they need, when they need it. We do this by providing advanced digital learning solutions, tools to improve practical clinical skills, the latest healthcare data and insights, and reliable reference materials that help you throughout your learning journey.

Woman helping young boy to stretch. Fact overlay: 1,700 Clinical overviews. 99K medical videos. Personalized learning at 600+ institutions.

Inclusion, diversity & equity in research and health

By bringing together diverse ideas and different perspectives gender, race, ethnicity, and geography we can help you drive progress more effectively. With a diverse group of people creating solutions for customers worldwide, Elsevier is helping to lay the groundwork for more diverse communities in science and health, and helping you create a more equitable future.

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Harnessing the power of data

We provide sophisticated data analytics, that help our customers make critical decisions and achieve their strategic goals, combining vast datasets from structured and unstructured content sources. Our big data platform has over 1.2 billion unique data points, including millions of authors, institutions, publication records, patents, drugs, grants, and policy documents. Our solutions combine our expertise in research and health domains, high quality and trusted content and datasets with AI and machine learning technologies.

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Careers at Elsevier

We're building a great workplace culture at Elsevier where amazing people, like you and others, can do purposeful work, grow every day and work with colleagues who care.

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