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August 8, 2022 5 mins
Rising TIDE interns in the UK meet with their “program buddies” at an ice-breaker during onboarding in Elsevier’s London Wall office.
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Elsevier CEO Kumsal Bayazit talks with employees in Elsevier's New York office after a recent town hall. (Photo by Alison Bert)
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As Publisher of The Lancet Group, Richard Horton believes that “the values we have nurtured over the past two decades prepared us well for responding to the acute pressures of this pandemic.”
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Members of the Elsevier Pride Chennai chapter
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Prof Gawsia Wahidunessa Chowdhury, PhD, identifies microplastics from sediment samples using a phase-contrast microscope.
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The future of research revealed

Researchers lay bare the challenges and opportunities they face in a post-COVID world

Adrian Mulligan

April 20, 2022

Research insight

Clinician of the Future: a 2022 report

Elsevier Health's global report reveals clinicians' pain points, predictions for the future and how the industry can come together to address gaps.

The Elsevier Community

March 15, 2022 10 mins
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Exploring the Gender Gap in Adolescent Mental Health

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Exploring the Gender Gap in Adolescent Mental Health

Kendall Morgan, PhD

February 18, 2022 12 mins

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