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Scopus AI: Change the way you view knowledge

Elsevier’s new generative AI provides you with concise, trustworthy AI-based summaries of your queries.

Whether you are looking to get up to speed on a new field quickly or find cross-disciplinary collaborators to push your research to the next level, Scopus AI can help.

Woman on laptop using generative AI

Research summarization you can trust

Our pilot GenAI-powered search model helps you find research papers by query and synthesizes the findings of decades of research into clear digestible summaries, in seconds.

Notably, our advanced engineering limits the risk of 'hallucinations' — or false AI-generated information — and taps into the trustworthy and verified knowledge from the world’s largest database of curated scientific literature.

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Scopus AI launch video

How Scopus AI works

  1. Enter your natural-language query to begin

  2. Review your generated summary of the results with Scopus references providing additional transparency and trust

  3. Go deeper into related queries to discover new perspectives

  4. Coming soon: View the graphical representation to see connections between keywords

Scopus AI beta

New: the Concept Map

Investigating a new research area? With Scopus AI’s Concept Map, you can visualize links between research concepts, discover connections between topics and discover untapped frontiers to explore.

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Scopus AI FAQs

Disclaimer: While Scopus AI strives to ground its summaries and generative AI features in trusted Scopus content, there may occasionally be discrepancies. It is possible for Scopus AI to generate incorrect or potentially misleading information or even content perceived as biased or offensive. Scopus AI is not meant to provide professional advice, including but not limited to legal, financial, and medical. Users should not solely rely on Scopus AI outputs without conducting independent research. Should you wish to utilize Scopus AI's generated content in your work, please consult your institutional or workplace guidelines. Scopus AI aims to serve as a supportive research assistant. 

Development Stage: Please be advised that Scopus AI is currently in its Beta phase. The current user experience is not representative of the final product. We anticipate refining and enhancing Scopus AI in the forthcoming months and greatly appreciate feedback from our Scopus community.