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Secure and flexible data management for clinical research

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Supported by Elsevier's longstanding vision to deliver better patient outcomes through powerful data analytics and real-world evidence, Veridata HDM enables researchers to share and access data in a secure yet flexible environment.

With our health data management solution, you can aggregate and share data while maintaining sovereignty over it and avoid the need to migrate it. That gives you the opportunity to collaborate and analyze information without the risk involved in moving it.

In addition, the unique ability to containerize analytics tools and bring them directly to the data opens new possibilities for analysis. Researchers can use their preferred tools without sacrificing security or trial integrity.

Security breaches most often happen during vulnerable data transfers. Veridata HDM reduces that risk by eliminating the need to move data and allowing you to define user access.

Veridata HDM works with your preferred analytics tools and data capture and storage solutions. In addition, you can choose to store your data either locally or in the cloud.

Veridata HDM helps you overcome data siloes and makes decentralized access a reality. You can aggregate and store datasets, and make them accessible across departments, locations and organizations.

Veridata HDM helps you unlock the power of data to accelerate your clinical research. Our sophisticated search functionality makes it faster and easier for researchers to discover information to advance healthcare knowledge.

Both role- and policy-based access controls let you enforce data governance policies in real time. That means you can power a data-sharing network with greater peace of mind, knowing the right information is in the right hands.

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Veridata continues Elsevier’s rich heritage of advancing research, science and health to empower next-generation clinical endeavors. We help you tackle healthcare’s biggest challenges by closing gaps in research to expand healthcare knowledge and deliver better patient outcomes.

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