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Order Sets

Author, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment

Elsevier Order Sets is an intuitive solution that enables physicians, clinicians and informaticists to author, review and manage order sets in a collaborative environment, through pre-prepared order checklists.

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Help reduce variability in care while supporting accuracy and efficiency

Adaptive terminology platform

Includes capabilities that enables seamless EHR integration and simplification of the order set process.

  • Incorporates current and preferred vocabulary or existing medical terminologies for localization of medical content, minimising interpretation errors.

  • Updated and newly created order sets can then be exported directly back into your EHR across multiple sites.

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Evidence-based, high-value content

Combining orderable items with decision support guidance, supporting evidence and relevant updates.

  • Evidence-based order set content developed to give rapid access to optimal orders at the point of care.

  • Combines orderable items with concise clinical decision support guidance.

  • Continuously updated through our clinician led content team and ‘pushed’ to the customer.

Doctor and nurse talking with overlay of Order Sets guidance for decision support

A content management system

Incorporating your institution’s preferred vocabulary and localizes to your formulary for immediate adoption and efficiency.

  • Handles all the processes around order set authoring, review and task management.

  • Includes modern collaboration tools for ease-of-use and faster user adoption.

  • Allows order sets to be assembled, reviewed and implemented by trusted individuals across single or multi-site organisations, from many internet enabled devices.

Doctor examining patient with overlay of Order Sets product features for immediate efficiency

Tailored implementation services

To prepare your organisation for the practice and workflow changes associated with the implementation of Order Sets.

  • Elsevier implementation teams are led by clinicians and informaticists with a deep knowledge of the order set space, supported by experts in software deployment.

  • Our services include ongoing support to increase utilisation of the solution and training to ensure smooth go-live, enhanced individual productivity and high levels of end-user adoption.

Doctors discussing a patient with overlay of Order Sets diagnosis panel

Order Sets features:

Clinical practice picto

Enhanced guidance

Evidence-based order sets
Checklist picto

Tailored, concise ordering

Ordering focused on the most common scenarios
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Advanced collaboration tools

Shared access and tracking

Learn how Order Sets can support your institution

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