Coverage and sources

Newsflo is sourced by a near real time feed of news articles from the LexisNexis Metabase:

  • online news per September 2013
  • print news per November 2015

Next to that, a LexisNexis archive of print historical news, running from 2011-October 2015, is part of Newsflo’s coverage.

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The media coverage includes sources from over 45,000 (English-speaking) news outlets in over 20 countries including the USA, India, China, Brazil and all major European countries.

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Several media types are covered, including:

  • Online News – a Web based news publication
  • Print – clippings or text that was originally made available in print
  • Blog – an interactive website made up of entries or posts displayed in reverse chronological order, as well as reader comments on the posts.
  • Comment – comments which are posted on blogs or some news articles.