Integrations with Elsevier platforms

What is your societal impact? View your Mass Media output and the latest news on research within your network on the Mendeley platform.


Monitor your own mentions in the media via your personal Stats page. Stats is the perfect environment to view your research impact from all perspectives including your publications, citations, readers and now also your media mentions!

All your personal media mentions will be displayed in a separate section, clustered into stories and with an access link to the original news website (if available).


to be implemented Q1 2017.

Stay up to date with the news about people in your research network via the Mendeley Newsfeed page:

  • Your own media mentions will pop up on the Newsfeed page within a day after publication, enabling you to share this exciting news with everyone.
  • Next to that, your Newsfeed page will show news from your recent co-authors, followers, research interest and institute – making sure you are in tune with what is happening in your field.

Released to Scival customer November 2016

Visualize the societal impact of your institute and researchers over time in Scival and benchmark your performance against others.

Scival has the unique capability of showing historical media mentions for over 5 years, from 2011 till today.

Three distinct (Snowball) metrics enable to get a clear overview of societal impacts:

  • Mass Media - Total count of mass media mentions for Institutions and Countries. See and compare institutions in the same country by the total number of mentions received my media
  • Field-Weighted Mass Media – similar methodology of Field-Weighted Citation Impact. Evaluate and benchmark institutions in the same country regardless of their size, subject area profile and type of media source-type in which they have been mentioned.
  • Media Exposure - The ratio of media mentions weighted by type of publication, demographics and audience reach. Compare institutions in the same country by the exposure of their media mentions due to the source it’s published in.

Released to Pure customers October 2016

Showcase media mentions through live feeds sent directly to Pure and your public Pure Portal, obtaining reliable and trustworthy aggregated data on press coverage insights for researchers across your institution:

  • Pure makes use of all the online (publically available) content provided by Newsflo.
  • Newsflo content can be integrated into Pure clients by enabling the Newsflo integration feature.
  • Enabling integration with Newsflo will automatically create Press / Media content in Pure, associated with relevant Persons and Organisations, based on Scopus IDs.
  • Pure will also automatically show relations with other Research Outputs if details (DOI or Scopus ID) are known.