Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit chooses MACRO

InferMed is pleased to announce that Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit (BSCTU) has selected MACRO for clinical data management. The new CTU is a partnership between the Universities of Sussex and Brighton, Brighton and Sussex Medical School and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Brighton & Sussex Medical School

The BSCTU has a varied portfolio of clinical trials that includes studies in paediatrics, oncology, neurology and gastroenterology. The majority are randomised controlled trials and are multi-centred with a variety of data collection requirements. Over the course of the next two years the CTU plans to run over 10 studies in MACRO.

Nicky Perry, the Operational Manager for the BSCTU commented, “We consulted other MACRO users who confirmed InferMed’s track record in supporting clinical data management using the validated, MACRO system. The hosted service eliminates the need for us to invest in expensive servers and devolves much of the work of IT administration and maintenance to InferMed, where the system is administered by their MACRO and hosting experts. The team at InferMed has been very responsive and informative. We are keen to start using MACRO over the coming months.”

Oli Cram, MACRO Business Unit Manager, added, “We look forward to providing MACRO EDC and data management to the new BSCTU in support of their clinical trial portfolio and we are delighted to be adding this new partnership to the list of existing connections we have with Brighton and Sussex.“

InferMed has employed five Brighton and Sussex graduates, so takes particular pleasure in welcoming the BSCTU as a MACRO customer. InferMed Executive Chairman, Alan Montgomery, is delighted. “My D Phil in particle physics is from the University of Sussex (UoS). Fifteen years later, my employer asked me to lead a project with the School of Cognitive Studies at UoS, commercializing Poplog, one of the first AI toolkits. This move literally changed my life. For over 10 years we cooperated to market and support Poplog and UoS received royalties approaching £2M. Poplog underpinned my first company Integral Solutions Ltd (ISL), and led directly to the partnership in logic programming with Cancer Research UK, that created MACRO and Arezzo. UoS alumnus Tom Khabaza worked on the beginnings of Arezzo and then on ISL’s data mining toolkit Clementine. Brighton’s Roger Evans still collaborates with ISL Asia. The sale of ISL and Clementine provided funds to help launch InferMed to commercialize MACRO and Arezzo. For me, BSMS becoming an InferMed customer nearly 30 years after our first collaboration starts a new cycle of this constructive, wealth and jobs creating, academic-industry partnership.”

Brighton and Sussex Clinical Trials Unit (BSCTU)

The Brighton and Sussex CTU is a collaboration with the Universities of Brighton and Sussex, BSMS and Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. Their vision is to develop an accredited CTU to support clinical research across a range of disciplines which will contribute to the evidence base for the diagnosis, management and prevention of disease. They aim to attract multi-centre, randomised controlled trials, but other well-designed studies will be considered.