MACRO electronic data capture usage

Usage statistics from MACRO customers

MACRO has been used for hundreds of studies globally. One global pharmaceutical company has used MACRO to support studies involving almost 30,000 patients and 6,000 users, whilst another collected over 12 million data responses across 278 sites over a 3-year period.

MACRO continues to meet the clinical research needs of companies in both the commercial and the not-for-profit sectors. Here is a diverse selection of usage statistics from MACRO customers:

Customer 1

A leading UK-based University Hospital clinical trials unit:

  • created its first study in October 2011
  • has successfully brought 13 new studies live in MACRO in under 2 years
  • is designing new trials at a very rapid rate, with each study designer creating an average of 17 new eCRFs per month and 4 new studies per year
  • has collected data for close to 10,000 patients to date
  • has a data entry and clinical trials management team of that has included over 80 MACRO users
  • has seen MACRO facilitate rapid data collection with on average 113,000 new data responses collected per month

Customer 2

A German technology company, known for its expertise in clinical trials

  • created its first study in MACRO in April 2012
  • has developed 4 new live studies that were single-handedly implemented by a talented study designer using MACRO’s easy-to-use Study Definition module in under 10 months
  • has collected data for almost 500 patients over 37 sites, rapidly collecting data at a rate of over 26,000 responses each month
  • is planning major new studies which will significantly extend the use of the MACRO system

Customer 3

A university in Ireland with a distinguished record in research

  • began using MACRO in December 2011
  • created 4 new studies in under 12 months, and has successfully migrated a further 8 existing studies onto the MACRO system
  • has successfully used MACRO to record data for over 180 patients across 13 sites in under a year

Customer 4

A pharmaceutical company running clinical trials globally

  • had 1,142 MACRO users
  • conducted 9 live studies across 278 sites
  • collected 12,135,372 data responses over a 3 year period
  • successfully submitted all studies for FDA approval