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Roadmap 2020

From interviews conducted with a variety of funding bodies, we have identified core workflow needs that we can address with enhancements in 2020.

First quarter 2020

  • Find similar experts to replace existing member(s) of a favorite expert pool
  • Save time and effort in the next funding round by identifying new experts who meet similar requirements

  • In-product help and tutorials
  • Function-specific tips help increase searching ease

Second quarter 2020

  • Search for an expert by name and/or keyword
  • Increase ease of the initial search process

  • Display co-author networks
  • Learn more about co-authors, and potential reviewers, using filters by funding agency, publications, institutions and country

  • Display experts’ funding history
  • Insights into an expert’s grants history allows more qualitative expert selection for review assignment(s)

  • Review an expert’s affiliation history
  • Trace an expert’s research trajectory by prior affiliations

Third quarter 2020

  • Reviewer eligibility check module
  • Automatically check whether an applicant meets the criteria required for funding

  • Overlap check module
  • Automatically verify if there is a similar application funded elsewhere