The November 2016 release of Expert Lookup adds many new customizable features to facilitate the customer experience.

November 2016

In November 2016, Expert Lookup increased its usability with six updates to the tool. The release introduces the option to ignore proposal fingerprints, add filters on the h-index, change the default thesaurus for a proposal, specify the number of top matched proposals to return and adjust the conflict of interest publication year cut-off. Additionally there are improvements in navigation within a workspace.

1. Navigation of proposals within a workspace

‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links added on proposal details page allows users to easily browse to other proposals within same workspace.


2. Ignore fingerprint concepts from proposals

Users can ignore proposal fingerprints either from proposals being viewed or from all proposals they have created or edited.


Note: When a user clicks on ignore for a particular concept, they will see above pop-up for selection.

Viewing of ignored concepts:


3. h-Index filter

Users can now also specify max h-Index value while using filters.


4. Set a different default thesaurus

From a proposal list page, users can now change default thesaurus for a proposal as seen below.


5. Number of best matching proposals for an expert

It is possible that an expert can be qualified to review a huge number (over 1K) of proposals in a given workspace. The feature shown below allows users to specify number of top matched proposals to return when requesting offline expert to proposal matching calculation.


6. Conflict Publication Year Cut-Off

Users can now specify how far back conflict is important. Default is last five years from the present. Any conflict from matching documents published prior to the publication year cut-off selected in this dropdown will be considered as non-conflict.