The May release of Expert Lookup enhancements will offer searchers greater efficiencies when searching and reviewing results

  1. Search enhancement

    Search terms, appearing in both the proposal fingerprints and the author’s publication title, would be highlighted in flyout, as shown below. Additionally, experts who have a fingerprinted term appearing in a publication title will be weighted near the top of the result set… These enhancements improve both the reviewing of results and the weighing of experts as they appear in results, further streamlining the otherwise complicated process of finding unbiased experts for peer review, partnerships, and collaborations.

    Depression in Alzheimers patients

  2. Match and conflict enhancement

    Identify match and conflict of interest for any suggested reviewer for a proposal… This enhancement allows users to add suggested reviewers as a part of the proposal data. These suggested reviewers will then be displayed, with the potential conflict of interest and matching indication, on the Expert Search result page.

    Proposal Details

  3. Institution filter enhancement

    Filter on Institution name… An Institution filter has been added on left pane of Expert Search result page. This new feature enables searches by institution name; restricts the search to find experts from selected institutions (default behavior); or, when clicking the ‘Exclude from search’ box, excludes experts from that institution.

    Expert Institution filter

First Quarter 2019 – The Lorentz Release (March 5, 2019)

  • Filter experts by market affiliation, such as corporate or government, aiding in selection of experts with specific segment experience…

First Quarter 2019 – The Lorentz Release (March 5, 2019)

  • …or filter by funding agency to help find experts who have previously received a grant award from a specific funding agency

filter by funding agency

  • Past historical funding awards data provides insights into from which funding bodies has an expert been funded before

historical funding awards data

  • As requested by a customer, the Search within result set feature helps to pinpoint a known expert from within search results

Search within result set

  • A known expert didn’t come up in the results set? No problem—use the Click here to evaluate an Expert you may know feature to locate the Scopus Author Profile.

Click here to evaluate an Expert you may know

  • Patent Citations data in result set provides insights into how many times documents published by experts have been cited by patents, aiding in the selection of experts

Patent Citations

Second Quarter 2019

  • Enhance EmTree Thesaurus indexing, which will improve filtering when seeking experts in medicine and the life sciences
  • Rollout author-level Fingerprint Engine indexing, which will streamline expert searches via keywords-only, which is especially helpful for expert-seeking applications such as product promotion or collaborations