The February release of Expert Lookup is centered on enhanced thesaurus, matching and usability

Thesaurus Enhancement:

1. The addition of the Multidisciplinary thesaurus allows returns of the most relevant concepts from all thesaurus and will enable users to search for cross-disciplinary experts

2. The addition of the Key Phrase thesaurus will expand the vocabulary terms of all the existing thesauri.

  • Derived from Scopus documents, the Key phrase thesaurus is not thesaurus specific, but rather could be available in one or many thesauri
  • This would allow users to add cross disciplinary concepts to fingerprints and find cross disciplinary experts
  • Key Phrases thesaurus currently contains ~500K terms.
  • Note: It is not seen as an additional thesaurus on fingerprint page. It complements the terms available for addition in any thesaurus. E.g. While in a Math thesaurus, user can now add a Physics concept such as ‘Nanotechnology’ to fingerprints and find experts who is skilled in Math and ‘Nanotechnology’.

Matching Enhancement:

3. The aggregated cluster level fingerprint page allows user to view overlapping fingerprint concepts between proposals in a cluster and modify it as necessary. This will make it possible to perform a cluster level expert search which helps to identify experts who can help with review of all of the proposals in a cluster.

4. The enhanced matching process will use concepts marked as ‘common’ from an aggregated cluster level fingerprint page and return experts who can help with review of all proposals in a cluster.

Filter Enhancement:

5. With the publication cut-off dates separation, different publication cut-off dates can be selected for co-author and organizational conflicts.

6. Exclude applicants of all proposals within this workspace

  • When this is checked, system will exclude applicants from all other proposals in same workspace when returning expert resultset. This is helpful to ensure proposal applicants do NOT participate in review of other applications to same funding award. E.g. Let’s say PI 1 and 2 have applied to same funding award A. With this additional check, PI 1 will NOT be returned as a potential reviewer for application from PI 2.

Usability Enhancement:

7. Multiple Experts addition at once

  • Search and add multiple applicants to proposal or favorite an expert group from pop-up page only

What’s coming next in Q2 2018:

1. Relative Citation Ratio (RCR) metric
a.Additional metric to help with expert’s selection
2.Funding Awards integration
a.Find experts who had been funded before by the agency of interest
b.Know from what all funding agencies expert has received funding in past
3.Evaluate other known researcher’s fit for review
a.Allows user to see if researcher they know has publications matching with proposal to help with review