The April 2017 release of Expert Lookup adds new functionalities for fingerprinting and workspaces.

April 2017

The April 2017 release of Expert Lookup enables users to see proposal details while reviewing fingerprints, to create multiple versions of fingerprints for an abstract, see proposal fingerprints in Expert Search results, create personalized workspaces and integrate the application with other systems.

1. See proposal details while reviewing fingerprints

Users are able to evaluate suggested fingerprints and adjust their weights as well as add other fingerprints all while viewing proposal details as seen below.

2. Create multiple fingerprint versions on a proposal

Users are able to assess the impact of fingerprint tweaks suggested by Expert Lookup.

3.See proposal fingerprints in Expert Search results export

Multiple users can simultaneously see which user is adjusting a fingerprint on the same proposal. This allows them to determine which version of the fingerprint brings the best results.

4. Create personalized workspaces

All users can now create new workspaces that can be shared with other Expert Lookup users.

Note: This functionality was previously only available to Expert Lookup administrators.

5. Create Favorite Expert Groups

Users can create new Favorite Expert Groups and share them across workspaces without having to upload a researcher’s metadata.

By searching or uploading researcher metadata files which match the Expert Lookup application, users can add Scopus author profiles into a Favorite Expert Group.

6. Integration of Expert Lookup to other systems

Customers can integrate their internal systems with Expert Lookup to load proposals, retrieve and update proposal fingerprints as well as retrieve expert search results.

Expert Lookup APIs are able to execute the following:

  1. Create/edit/delete workspace
  2. Create/edit/delete proposals
  3. Retrieve/update proposal fingerprints
  4. Retrieve Experts for proposal (also returns a link to get to proposal Expert Search Result page in Expert Lookup)