The April release of Expert Lookup is centered on improved security and enhanced usability.

April 2016

The April release of Expert Lookup is centered on improved security and enhanced usability. Often, a proposal is confidential and the abstract contains ideas that have not yet been published. Scientists trust you to keep their ideas safe, and now Expert Lookup helps with that.

This release also improves the user experience with enhanced export functions and a way to highlight your favorite experts.

Security optimization (Db Encryption)

The information in abstracts can be sensitive or proprietary. It may contain pre-publication results or information that must be kept secure. With the April release of Expert Lookup, all the abstract and proposal related information you add to Expert lookup is fully encrypted during the “save” process.

Differentiate favorite experts

The addition of the Favorite Experts feature allows customers to easily find the experts they prefer working with. Users are able to create multiple lists of Favorite Experts that will be flagged any time they appear in search results. With Favorite Experts, users will also have the ability to request offline calculations for experts that are part of a Favorite Experts group, and the system will identify proposals each Favorite expert is able to help with.

* Indicates expert is part of one of favorite experts group. Hovering over name of expert would give details on which favorite expert group expert is part of.

Export results into CSV files

With the new release, users will now be able to export results into CSV, allowing for easy importation into Excel and other software.

Access Scopus document details for matching publications

When there are matching publications, the Scopus document details page for that publication can be accessed directly through the Expert Results page. Customers without a Scopus subscription will be able to view a PREVIEW version of the Scopus page.

Access Scopus document details for matching publications

Access Scopus document details for matching publications (2)

Improved user interface

Continuing our support for improved user interface, a number of refinements have been made to Expert Lookup. The Fingerprint page has been refined to expand only one thesauri at a time, while the Thesaurus, Country, and Journal filters on the Expert result page have also been revised to provide greater ease of use.

Auto-clustering proposals within a workspace

The Expert Lookup system can now auto-cluster proposals based on the overlap of fingerprint concepts. While users can also manually cluster proposals, the system can now automatically group proposals providing an easy way to organize and manage proposals. Clustering proposals also lets users find Experts that are able to help all proposals in a specific cluster.

Find experts for clustered proposals

Using your Expert Lookup Favorite Experts groups, Expert Lookup can now identify proposals that these Experts are able to help with. Users can request offline calculations, and the system can find proposals for a single, multiple, or the entire list of Favorite Experts in a group.

What's coming next in Q2 2016

The next release of Expert Lookup will include a Beta version of a new multi-disciplinary thesauri which will help users in finding an Expert for multi-disciplinary grants or proposals. The new release will also add features that allow users to contact Experts via email addresses directly from Scopus profiles.