Electronic Signing

Introducing an electronic signature system to our own editorial contract process

Electronic signatures are rapidly becoming an integral part of the business world, accelerating contracting processes and making the status of an agreement clear to all parties involved. So this year we took the decision to introduce an electronic signature system to our own editorial contract process - Adobe EchoSign. This automated service specifically manages the business process of getting contracts signed, tracked and filed. As a global company with editorial contracts needing to be signed in multiple countries, Adobe EchoSign offers a useful alternative to the exchange of print documents, which can be time consuming, error prone and non-transparent. Adobe EchoSign has the added benefit of being eco-friendly.

As an Elsevier Editor, when you are negotiating a new agreement with your Publisher, the stage at which the contract is ready for reviewing and signing is when you will receive an email from Adobe EchoSign. A link in this email will take you directly to your contract and, after you have signed, the contract will automatically be sent onto the next signer. Once all required signatures are complete a copy of the contract will be sent to all signees, including a full audit trail. If you don’t wish to sign your contract via Adobe EchoSign you simply need to inform your Publisher and a print contract will be sent in its place.

We see benefits with this new system for all parties involved. Adobe EchoSign

  • Provides an online audit trail that meets compliance, legal and security requirements.
  • Offers protection to both the sender and the signer during the signing process, including key authentication and privacy, and fraud protection.
  • Reduces the turnaround time of contracts.
  • Eliminates office supply costs.
  • Provides greater transparency for all, at all stages of the contract process.

We have also had positive reactions to Adobe EchoSign from our Editors, with one of our first signers, Victor Paquet, Scientific Editor of Applied Ergonomics, informing us that, “the electronic signature process couldn’t have been any easier from my end!”

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at a.jokovic@elsevier.com.

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