Giving back: the emerging role of data and technology

December's theme focuses on how we are harnessing untapped knowledge for the benefit of society

Commitment to social change is part of a global effort exemplified by initiatives like the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Science is playing a key role in achieving these goals, and the research community is finding evermore innovative ways to support these efforts.

For example, the global nonprofit DataKind helps organizations take data science techniques to the front lines of charitable work. You can read about our partnership with DataKind and the recent DataDive hackathon for FareShare, a UK charity tacking hunger and food waste. It's one of various ways Elsevier and the Elsevier Foundation are helping organizations around the world harness technology and data for the benefit of society.

We also invite you to check out the RELX Group SDG Resource Center, which offers free access to articles, tools and reports to support the UN's sustainable development goals, and our analytical report Sustainability Science in a Global Landscape, an released on the eve before the UN adopted its SDGs.

Here, you can find our recent stories on this theme, which we will update throughout December and beyond:

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