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In the March issue of Reviewers' Update I wrote about the initiation of our 'annual recognition program' for reviewers.  We started this program with a pilot of 35 journals and Editors hand-picked approximately 25 reviewers from their journal whose efforts, dedication and professionalism they considered had been outstanding in the past year. These reviewers were then recognized with a 'certificate of excellence'.  (You can read more about this program in the article published in our March issue, 'Certificate of Peer Reviewing Excellence').

I now have a further reviewer initiative which I am pleased to be able to tell you about.  In June this year, Elsevier launched 'reviewer badges.' Reviewer badges enable reviewers to feature any journal, for which they have reviewed, in their e-mail signature or on their personal webpage using a new badge we have created.  An example of a reviewer badge for one of our physics journals is shown below.

 Example of a reviewer badge

If you would like to claim a badge for any journals for which you review you can do it in seconds via our online tool. The process is simple. Just type in the name of the journal for which you review, select the journal title and the badge will pop up for you to save. You can then include this badge in your e-mail signature or add it to your personal webpage.

We hope that these initiatives are welcomed by our reviewers and go some way to showing how much reviewers are valued.  We are always open to feedback on any of the initiatives we put in place and are interested in hearing about any additional ideas you may have on how we can reward and help reviewers. Please get in touch with your comments.


Author biography

Ursula Van Dijk

Ursula van Dijk has more than 20 years of experience in Science, Technology and Medicine journal marketing.  She is based in Amsterdam as Head of Marketing Communications and leads a team of marketers within the Physical, Formal and Applied Sciences area with a focus on supporting publishing initiatives by communicating and interacting with our editors, authors and reviewers.

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