Launch of Research Highlights - a new multi-publisher mobile app

Researchers can now keep up-to-date with the peer-reviewed content made available by hundreds of publishers

Research Highlights, a new, free app from Elsevier's Innovation and Publishing Development team, allows researchers to track critical search terms across more than 20,000 peer reviewed journals from hundreds of publishers.

Journey from single-journal apps to a multi-publisher app

Initial app development centred on single journal apps. These very effectively serve the needs of our society partners and individual journals but their limitations are apparent. With average users browsing content across multiple journal sites, who wants to open and close multiple apps to perform what is essentially the same task, or to fill their smartphone screen with many journal icons? Multi-journal apps were then launched which helped address this problem. The HealthAdvance Journals app enables mobile browsing across 500+ Elsevier health science titles, and JournalViewer offers iPad browsing across hundreds of Elsevier titles in life, physical and social sciences. But single publisher apps will always have their limitations. Though Elsevier is the world's leading STM publisher, neither we, or any other publisher, have all the content relevant for all researchers, in all fields.  And so, Research Highlights was launched. Research Highlights is the ultimate journal app, allowing researchers to track critical search terms across 20,000+ peer reviewed journals, from hundreds of publishers, using the power of Scopus.

How does the Research Highlights app work?

Research Highlights
As a researcher, you can define which keywords, journals and authors you wish to track in your personalized article feed. Results can be even further refined by specifying selected article types. There will be a one-time login, after which you will be taken straight to a list of the most recent articles matching your search terms. You can then check out article highlights and abstracts to determine which articles you wish to read in full. Lastly, with a single click, a full-text URL can be sent to your inbox where content licenses will be recognized, ensuring you have seamless access to all the content you have rights to.

Why the Research Highlights app is ground-breaking

Research Highlights Product Manager, Filippos Koulyras explains, "People are just too busy to negotiate their way around so many publishers' content silos. It wastes time that could be spent discovering, reading and citing even more great content. Two features make Research Highlights especially customer-focused. Firstly, it saves lots of time by being publisher-agnostic. Secondly, it recognises which parts of the literature search can be comfortably carried out on a mobile device and which parts are best performed back in your office. It's easy to scan article lists and read bullets or a short abstract on the small screen of a mobile device. But lengthy full-text articles are not easy to consume that way." He added: "We believe Research Highlights will prove to be a great workflow tool because it places researchers needs first and freely promotes the discovery of relevant peer-reviewed content, wherever it's published. We hope our reviewer colleagues will try out the app for themselves, tweet about it, and feel able to recommend it to colleagues."

Author biography

David Allen
David Allen has been with Elsevier since 2004, first as Global Head of Branding and Circulation for The Lancet journals, where he launched The Lancet Student, The Lancet Conferences brand, and re-launched During 2010-11 David had a wider remit across Elsevier Health Sciences online products, marketing OncologySTAT globally, creating the HealthAdvance brand and launching the first of its specialty channels, EndocrinologyAdvance. In 2012, David joined Elsevier's Innovation and Publishing Services Division, working first on Elsevier's Author WebShop before focusing on mobile and subscription products. Prior to Elsevier he worked in medical and financial publishing in London and New York.

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