How Elsevier is supporting open access

Why open access is a popular discussion point for academics this year, particularly in the UK

Throughout 2013, there will be many discussions between academics on exactly how open access will be implemented in their community. This is an international conversation, but will be particularly important in the UK. This is because back in July 2012 the UK government endorsed the Finch Report recommendations for government-funded research to be made available in open access publications from April 2013 onwards. The European Commission has since followed suit in announcing an open access policy for recipients of its forthcoming Horizon 2020 funding, but detailed implementation discussions have not yet begun. Such developments have far-reaching consequences in all disciplines, bringing open access very much to the foreground of researchers' minds this year.

What is Elsevier's position?

At Elsevier, we have welcomed the UK recommendations and opportunities to engage on the detail of how they are to be successfully implemented. This is why we have been busy scaling our programs and activities to offer authors a greater choice of open access options. We have always supported models that help researchers communicate and access information in a sustainable way, and know that one size does not fit all.

Open Access OptionsIn fact, most of you will have reviewed for one of our 1500 hybrid journals. This type of journal publishes both subscription articles and open access articles, giving authors a choice of publication models. As open access polices continue to develop, Elsevier will provide ways for authors to continue to publish in respected high quality journals while also complying with new open access policies and mandates.

Look out for the new open access options logo on journal homepages to see if the journal you are reviewing provides open access options.

We have also continued to launch new open access journals and now publish over 30 titles in a range of subject areas. The latest titles include Stem Cell Reports — the result of collaboration between Cell Press and the International Society for Stem Cell Research — and the Journal of Pediatric Surgery Case Reports. For a full list of journals please see our open access publishing directory.

Working with the community

For institutions or research organizations with open access mandates or policies, Elsevier is working in partnership to test and learn more about how best to support sustainable open access and to streamline processes to make it easier for everybody involved. We have established specific agreements which funding bodies and institutions to ensure authors can comply with open access mandates.

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Author biography

Dr. Alicia Wise

As Director of Universal Access for Elsevier, Dr. Alicia Wise (@wisealic) is responsible for delivering Elsevier's vision for universal access to high-quality scientific publications. She leads strategy and policy in areas such as open access, philanthropic access programs, content accessibility, and access technologies. Based in Oxford, she has a PhD in anthropology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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