Introducing Mendeley’s new premium service for journal editors

How you will benefit

Recently, we have interviewed and brainstormed with journal editors to better understand how we can support your roles and activities.

Some of the key themes you identified include:

  • Improved ways to showcase your journals
  • Better support for you as researchers
  • Information to further your role as educators of future researchers

Two years ago, we acquired Mendeley, one of the most commonly-used reference management tools integrated with one of the largest academic collaboration networks. With more than 4 million worldwide users, Mendeley is a modern, easy-to-use researcher workflow tool which supports academics in reading, writing, publishing and showcasing their expertise to the world.

So now Elsevier’s Journals division and Research Applications & Platform department have joined forces to develop and launch the Mendeley Editor Program.

How you will benefit

The new initiative provides editors with:

  • Free subscription to the specially created Mendeley Researcher Edition which includes:
    • Personal storage: Up to 5GB
    • Team (group) storage: Up to 20GB (total)
    • Creation of private / invite-only groups: Unlimited
    • # of collaborators in private / invite-only groups: Up to 25 (each)
    • Access: 2015 with option to extend to 2016
  • Access to online resources, tutorials, and a customized ‘How to guide’
  • A special email hotline for participants
  • Optional 30-minute 1:1 tutorial / demonstration (available on request)
To register your interest in the Mendeley Editor Program, simply email

What you can do on Mendeley

  • As a journal editor, you can showcase your journal by forming a public group and inviting authors, reviewers, other editors, and interested researchers to join. This enables you to form an ongoing community in which you can promote your work as well as identify future contributors/reviewers.
  • As a seasoned, high-impact researcher, you can use your online profile on Mendeley to increase your discoverability and connect with others and “followers”. We are working on a ‘Scopus Connect’ feature where if you have a Mendeley profile page and it is connected to your Scopus profile ID, your Mendeley profile will be refreshed with Scopus information.
  • As a researcher who wants to keep on top of the changes in your field, you can utilize the various search and proactive recommendation features such as Mendeley Suggest (premium feature) to alert you about the latest articles, people, and groups.
  • You can connect with other researchers around the world and share full-text documents (manuscript, readings, etc.) via private groups. You can form public ‘invite only’ groups to bring together small research groups. You can also set up topical public groups with other researchers to generate interest and excitement about your discipline, a particular topic and/or event.
  • As an educator, you can use Mendeley to teach your students the good basics of scholarly research from searching for information and connecting with relevant experts to creating proper citations and promoting their work.

Professor Xinyi SongAssistant Professor Xinyi Song at Georgia Institute of Technology is an active collaborator with Automation in Construction Editor, Daniel Castro-Lacouture. Her experience of the Mendeley Editor Program has been very positive so far. She says: “I have totally switched from Endnote to Mendeley for my all research projects, and the students are doing well too. I also plan to introduce it in our next faculty meeting."

For more information on the program, please visit or send your inquiries to

Author biography

Jennifer ChangJennifer Chang is Elsevier’s Global Director for CDI (Customer Discovery and Innovation) and Mendeley. She has CDI responsibilities for the North America region, focusing on developing customer insights to support business decision-making and managing the Development Partner Program. In addition, she leads the global commercial operations and business development of Mendeley for institutions. Jennifer joined Elsevier in 2010 as Sales Strategy and Business Development Director. Before joining Elsevier, she worked for 10+ years at Oracle and a few software companies in senior sales, strategy, and professional services management positions. Jennifer graduated from University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and business administration and an MBA from Cornell University.

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