FundRef Tracking Service

CrossRef Board of Directors Approves FundRef Tracking Service

CrossRef's Board of Directors has approved a plan to adopt the FundRef funder identification project and make it more widely available.

The project was first launched as a pilot, which ran from March 2012 to February 2013. During the pilot period, scholarly publishers and funding agencies, facilitated by CrossRef, collaborated to find a standard way of reporting funding sources for published scholarly research.

A report that outlines the experience of the pilot and provides recommendations for going forward is now available. Both the report and the idea of rolling out the project were approved by CrossRef's Board of Directors at their March meeting. FundRef will now be implemented by CrossRef from May 2013 onwards.

FundRef will benefit a number of constituents:

  • Authors will be able to choose from a standard set of names of funders when submitting for publication.
  • Researchers will be able to view funding information in a standard way across publishers to help them evaluate the scholarly content they read.
  • Publishers will be able to track the funders driving the content in their journals and other content.
  • Funding agencies will be able to better demonstrate the scholarly output resulting from their expenditures.
  • The public will gain transparency into scholarly funding and its results.
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