Editor in a (60 Second) Spotlight - Ian Norman

"When you find good reviewers, value and cherish them"

Professor Ian NormanName: Professor Ian Norman

University: King's College London

Role at university: Professor & Executive Dean

Journal: International Journal of Nursing Studies

Role in journal: Editor-in-Chief

Average number of submissions per year: 1,400

Rejection rate: 86%

Impact Factor: 2.901

  1. What inspired your career in mental health nursing?

    My sources of inspiration are too numerous to mention. But mental health nursing has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to combine the ‘science’ and ‘art’ of nursing – that is, to deliver healthcare interventions based on best evidence (science) through the medium of a therapeutic relationship with patients/clients (art).

  2. What is the best thing about being an editor?

    Having an opportunity to contribute to the development of nursing and midwifery as practice disciplines and to get to correspond with authors and reviewers across the globe.

  3. What is the worst thing about being an editor?

    Having to disappoint early career researchers by rejecting papers that they have worked so hard on – simply because they have been edged out of the competition in a journal which can publish only 10% of submissions received.

  4. What is the most important attribute for being an editor?

    International Journal of Nursing StudiesBeing able to make decisions and to support them with sound judgement

  5. Where do you think your journal will be 10 years from now?

    I expect the International Journal of Nursing Studies to emerge as a health services research journal, with particular relevance to professional nursing and midwifery, which is read by an increasingly wide group of healthcare professionals and policy makers.

  6. Name one item that you cannot do without in your role?


  7. Any tips on finding reviewers?

    Perseverance!  And when you find good reviewers value and cherish them.

  8. What is your greatest achievement (either professionally or personally)?

    My daughter, Sophie

  9. What would you be doing now if you were not professor at King’s College?

    I would be applying to join Sir Ben Ainslie’s crew attempting to win the America’s Cup for the UK.

  10. What is the most interesting image/photograph you have come across in your journal?
    Here’s an interesting series of photographs from the International Journal of Nursing Study archives which reports an investigation of the mobility of nurses under three clothing conditions – standard nurses’ uniform of the time, a leotard and a swimming costume. You can guess which was the most restrictive! (For the full set of photographs, see:
    Stubbs D.A. et al.  Nurses’ uniform: an investigation of mobility. IJNS 1985; 22(3):217-29)

An investigation of mobility: See original paper for the full series of photographs

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