Welcome to the new Editors’ Update website

New look and feel for our online resource for editors

For those of you who read Editors’ Update on a regular basis, you will no doubt have noticed the different layout. We have migrated to a new “home” on Elsevier.com.

The reasons behind this migration are numerous, not least is a more modern, cleaner look and feel. We also now have all our communication channels for researchers - such as Authors’ Update and Reviewers’ Update on the same website. This will make sharing relevant stories between communities easier and quicker.

Also one thing to note is that we no longer have “Short Communications”. All stories posted now, despite their length, will follow a similar format. Some stories will obviously be shorter than others but we will not categorize them as such.

If you are not already a subscriber to this communication channel and would like to sign-up to our news alerts, you can do so here>>

We hope you like the new website. Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

Best wishes,

Darren Sugrue

Researcher Communications Manager

Editor-in-Chief, Editors’ Update :: Authors’ Update :: Reviewers’ Update

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