Elsevier launches the Publishing Campus

Elsevier launches a free, online training platform for researchers

The new Elsevier Publishing Campus provides researchers with the training they need to improve their article writing and reviewing skills.

April saw the launch of the online platform, which contains interactive training modules, online seminars and expert advice.

A wide range of topics are covered from the fundamentals of publishing and grant writing to broader issues like gender in research and open science.

The Publishing Campus will be particularly helpful for early career researchers, typically defined as PhD students, postdocs or junior faculty. Early career researchers are the most prolific readers of published research, and are the source of a significant proportion of submitted papers.

Publishing Campus homepage

Hannah Foreman, Head of Researcher Relations at Elsevier, is behind the Publishing Campus project. She explained: “We want to give researchers the skills and knowledge they need to publish a world class journal article or book proposal, write a successful grant application, understand the dynamics of a good review and ultimately succeed on their chosen career path.

“And they’ve never needed those skills more. Among other challenges, researchers of today need to secure funding, collaborate internationally, share data, publish results, commercialize research and demonstrate impact. Early career researchers in particular are under significant pressures and we want to support them.” She added: “Hopefully the Elsevier Publishing Campus will be the place they visit to develop their skills and take a bit of that pressure off.”

Focusing on training and development

The Campus is made up of a series of ‘Colleges’. Each College offers a variety of training, information and tools that researchers can choose from to support their research and career development. For every module or seminar completed, they will be awarded an Elsevier certificate in recognition of their efforts.

Publishing Campus Certificate

Through the College of Skills Training in particular, researchers will be able to attend interactive training courses and online seminars, helping them develop skills in authoring and reviewing. There is a dedicated section on peer review, created in partnership with Sense about Science, which forms a sound basis for reviewers, and explains what journal editors expect from them.

Expert advice

In addition to the training component of the Publishing Campus, researchers will have access to advice from top academic players, including leading editors. This will give them insights into different aspects of publishing and academia, helping them to make decisions and plan positive career moves. They will be able to improve the quality of their research papers, in turn giving you more relevant submissions and improving published research in the field.

Thought leadership also features in the College of Big Ideas where visitors are invited to take part in debates and share their opinions about hot topics.

Supporting authors and reviewers

You can help support your authors and reviewers by pointing them towards relevant training modules and information on the Elsevier Publishing Campus.

Much of the content is based on the existing Publishing Connect training materials which publishers and editors have successfully shared with 35,000+ researchers per year during face-to-face workshops.

Contributor biography

Hannah ForemanHannah Foreman is Head of Researcher Relations for Elsevier. She joined Elsevier in 2007 as Marketing Communications Manager for journals in Physics and Astronomy. With more than 10 years' experience in communications and relations roles, she now leads a relations and engagement team in Amsterdam. This team focuses on delivering information innovatively and engaging proactively with researchers of Elsevier journals and books. She is also responsible for the Elsevier Publishing Campus – a project she began in 2013 with a cup of coffee, a muffin and a small idea. Hannah has a professional and academic background in European business and speaks four languages.

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Kendall Wallace says: May 21, 2015 at 12:02 pm
I received this notice as an editor for one of Elsevier’s journals (Toxicology). I am also the Associated Dean for Faculty Affairs for the University of Minnesota Medical School on the Duluth campus. In that capacity I believe the information provided through the Elsevier Publishing Campus may be of great value to our junior faculty and thus I ask if it is permissable to share this amongst our medical faculty? Thank you,

Hannah Foreman says: May 21, 2015 at 12:14 pm
Hello Dr Wallace,
YES! I would be very happy for your faculty to freely use these resources in any way that suits. Please also feel free to share amongst other faculties at the University of Minnesota. I would be delighted to receive any feedback you might have. Thanks – Hannah

Neha says: May 21, 2015 at 4:03 pm
I want to join it

Linda says:  May 22, 2015 at 7:14 am
Dear Neha, that’s great news! Please visit https://www.publishingcampus.elsevier.com/ and hit the blue ‘sign-up’ button on the homepage.

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