Heliyon celebrates a major milestone

Read Heliyon’s first papers

Today the journal Heliyon celebrates a major milestone – the publication of its first papers. Along with the publication of these papers, the journal also launched a new version of its website Heliyon.com featuring user-friendly design and easy-to-read article pages.

Coming from researchers on four continents and examining topics ranging from bone loss to bovine viruses, these first eight papers demonstrate the journal’s commitment to publishing sound research across a broad range of disciplines. You can explore these articles at Heliyon.com and by clicking on the below links:

Donepezil prevents RANK-induced bone loss via inhibition of osteoclast differentiation by downregulating acetylcholinesterase
Sato et al.

The protective mechanism of Ginkgoslides and Ginkgos flavonoids on the TNF-α induced apopotsis of rat hippocampal neurons and its mechanisms in vitro
Guo et al.

A study on Maruca vitrata infestation of Yard-long beans (Vigna unguiculata subspecies sesquipedalis)
Jayasinghe et al.

Comparative alteration in atherogenic indices and hypocholesteremic effect of palm oil and palm oil mill effluent in normal albino rats
Ajiboye et al.

BVD-2 outbreak leads to high losses in cattle farms in Western Germany
Gethmann et al.

Impaired mTORC2 signaling in catecholaminergic neurons exaggerates high fat diet-induced hyperphagia
Dadalko et al.

Analysis of the dynamic energy flow associated with phagocytosis of bacteria
Okpala et al.

Prevalence of gastrointestinal helminths and management practices for dogs in the Greater Accra region of Ghana
Mawuko Johnson et al.

As with all papers published in Heliyon, these articles are freely available to read, download and share on both Heliyon.com and ScienceDirect. The Heliyon team aims to gain maximum visibility for papers, enabling them to be easily discoverable by relevant communities and readers.

If you have any questions about Heliyon, please contact us at info@heliyon.com. To stay up-to-date on the latest Heliyon developments, sign up for Heliyon Alerts.

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Mary Beth O'LearyMary Beth O’Leary (@MaryBeth_OLeary) is Marketing and Publicity Manager for Heliyon, based in London. Previously, she lived in Boston where she joined Elsevier in August 2009. For over five years, she worked for Cell Press in various roles across editorial, marketing and public relations. Most recently, she acted as Media Relations Manager for Cell Press’s 30 titles. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, she studied literature and art history.

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