The creative face of science and medicine

August's theme explores the creativity behind the work being done by researchers, technologists, clinicians and medical students

Nathan Ratner shares his ideas for medical education with fellow medical students. In August, he will compete in the #ElsevierHacks event at the Association of Medical Educators in Europe (AMEE) Conference in Helsinki, Finland.

This month, Elsevier Connect is exploring “the creative face of science and medicine.” There is a creative side to the work being done by researchers, technologists, clinicians and medical students. With the ever-growing possibilities of technology, that creativity is being used to solve some of today’s toughest challenges.

We open this series with a story about  a hackathon that invites medical students, developers and designers to tackle challenges that that face today's medical students:

Throughout the month, we will post more stories on this theme, updating this page with the links.


Written by

Alison Bert, DMA

Written by

Alison Bert, DMA

As Executive Editor of Strategic Communications at Elsevier, Dr. Alison Bert works with contributors around the world to publish daily stories for the global science and health communities. Previously, she was Editor-in-Chief of Elsevier Connect, which won the 2016 North American Excellence Award for Science & Education.

Alison joined Elsevier in 2007 from the world of journalism, where she was a business reporter and blogger for The Journal News, a Gannett daily newspaper in New York. In the previous century, she was a classical guitarist on the music faculty of Syracuse University. She received a doctorate in music from the University of Arizona, was Fulbright scholar in Spain, and studied in a master class with Andrés Segovia.


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