Ian Chuang, MD

Dr. Ian Chuang is the global Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Elsevier's EMEALAAP Health business. Dr. Chuang’s focus at Elsevier is collaborating with healthcare leaders to improve Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) adoption, especially as it relates to clinical decision support and improving health system decisions and processes of care to improve outcomes.

Dr. Chuang’s experience spans the entire care continuum, including applied healthcare informatics, controlled medical terminology, knowledge representation, CDS and analytics. Prior to joining Elsevier, he led roles at both strategic level management of healthcare systems and physician leadership, and hands-on implementation of process optimization at the point-of-care. His insights span the full spectrum of delivering knowledge-driven care, whether capturing and structuring data, analytics and predictive modelling, or CDS functionalities intersecting with clinical workflow.

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