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Reports, opportunities and resources for women in engineering

By Elsevier's Engineering Team - June 10, 2016 - Updated October 16, 2020  3 mins
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At Elsevier, we are proud to celebrate women in engineering. We work with engineers in many fields to develop tools and content they can use in their research and product development. These include the Engineering Village research platform for engineering literature and patents, Knovel engineering information and data analytics, and more than 425 engineering journals and 5,183 engineering books titles on ScienceDirect.

On this page, we are presenting analytical reports, stories and other resources for women in engineering.

Analytical reports

Infographic: Engineering research through a gender lens

Elsevier's 2020 report The researcher journey through a gender lens examines research participation, career progression and perceptions across the European Union and 15 countries globally in 26 subject areas. Here's an infographic with results from the Engineering findings:

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NSF report says women in S&E growing in numbers but still underrepresented in workforce

The State of US Science & Engineering 2020 coverAnalyzing 2.2 million peer-reviewed articles can reveal all sorts of interesting things about science and engineering around the world – and it’s something the National Science Foundation (NSF) does every two years. The latest report, The State of US Science and Engineering 2020, shows that while the US science and engineering workforce continues to grow overall, "the number of women and underrepresented minorities (URMs) — blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians or Alaska Natives — has grown. However, these groups remain underrepresented in the S&E workforce relative to their overall presence in the workforce and the population."

The report, based on data from Scopus, delves into topics such as education, academic and industry research and development, and public attitudes and understanding, giving a broad picture of what’s happening in science and engineering in the US and globally. This helps universities, funding bodies and policy makers make decisions to advance research and education.

COVID resources

Research insight

Engineering resources for the COVID-19 response

Information for all phases of emergency preparation and response, curated by Elsevier’s Engineering Solutions team

Elsevier’s Engineering Solutions team

April 6, 2020

Tech jobs at Elsevier

Want to help create products that have a big impact on the world of academia and research? Our creative and experimental environment allows you to play with technology in an innovative way. See our featured technology positions and apply to become part of a fun and welcoming team:

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Why we need more women in science and technology

Taking on the world's challenges

Bamini presents at Harvard workshop


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