About our communities

Over the years, Elsevier has developed a number of sites featuring stories of interest to researchers, practitioners and the wider public. Some of these community sites are designed to help our editors, reviewers or authors as they go about their publishing tasks, while others highlight some of the research featured in our journals or take a closer look at the worlds of science and publishing. Below you can find out more about the communities and sign up for free updates.

Elsevier Connect

This site features daily stories for the global science, health and technology communities, written by experts in the field as well as Elsevier colleagues. We explore the complex and ever-evolving worlds of science and publishing, with topics ranging from trends in research to new discoveries, publishing tips, and how technology is transforming the way we work. We aim to reflect your challenges and experiences in a way that encourages thoughtful discussion, and we encourage you to share your insights in the comment section. Periodically we also send email digests of stories based on your interests.

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Authors' Update

This online resource is designed to keep current and future journal authors in touch with the latest industry and Elsevier developments. We also provide information on the support and training available to you. When a new article is published, an email alert is sent to subscribers.

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Editors' Update

The goal of this online resource is to inform our journal editors and editorial board members about the latest industry developments, as well as policies and initiatives that affect you. We will also keep you updated about the services and support available to you. Each quarter, articles published over the past three months are compiled into an email newsletter.

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Reviewers' Update

This online resource is designed to provide our current and future reviewers with useful information about relevant Elsevier and industry developments. We also highlight the support and training available to you. Each time a new article is published, an email alert is sent to subscribers.

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With over 2,500 Elsevier journals publishing articles on science, technology and health, our mission is to share some of the stories that matter. Each month, Atlas showcases research that could have a significant impact on people's lives – we hope that highlighting it in this way will contribute towards its successful implementation. With so many worthy articles published, the tough job of selecting a single article to be awarded "The Atlas" each month comes down to an Advisory Board. The winning research is presented alongside interviews, expert opinions, multimedia and much more.

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Leaving comments

We welcome your opinions and feedback on articles and encourage you to use the comments section to share your thoughts or personal stories. However, we ask that you remain courteous and respectful. We review comments before they are posted and will withhold those that are off-topic, for example, contain abusive language or are primarily for the purpose of promotion.

To keep the conversation timely, we aim to post comments as quickly as possible. Also, as a safety measure, our site automatically withholds comments that contain more than two links. Please free to post links in your comments; just realize that they may delay approval.