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Volume . Additive Manufacturing

Published: 1st July 2021 Editors: M. Manjaiah K. Raghavendra N. Balashanmugam J. Paulo Davim

Additive Manufacturing: A Tool for Industrial Revolution 4.0 explores the latest developments, underlying mechanisms, challenges, and opportunities for 3D printing in a digital manufacturing environment. It uses an international panel of experts to explain how additive manufacturing processes have been successfully integrated with industry 4.0 technologies for increased technical capabilities, efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability. The full manufacturing product cycle is addressed, including design, materials, mechanical properties, and measurement. Future directions for this important technological intersection are also explored.

  • Addresses a wide range of additive manufacturing technology, including process, control, and operation;
  • Explains many new and sustainable additive manufacturing methods;
  • Provides detailed descriptions of modernization and optimization for conventional additive manufacturing methodologies to take full advantage of synergies with industry 4.0.

This book will interest researchers and industrial professionals in industrial engineering, digital manufacturing, advanced manufacturing, data science applications, and computer engineering.

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