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Book Series: Modern Manufacturing Processes

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Volume . Modern Manufacturing Processes

Published: 23rd May 2020 Editors: Kaushik Kumar J. Paulo Davim

Modern Manufacturing Processes draws on the latest international research on traditional and non-traditional practices, to provide valuable advice on the digitization and automation of the manufacturing industry. In addition to providing technical details for the correct implementation of the latest tools and practices, the impacts on productivity and design quality are also examined.

The thorough classification of manufacturing processes will help readers to decide which technology is most effective for their requirements, and comparisons between modern and traditional methods will clarify the case for upgrading. This comprehensive assessment of technologies will include additive manufacturing, and industry 4.0, as well as hybrid methods where exceptional results have been gained through the use of traditional technology.

This collection of work by academics at the cutting edge of manufacturing research will help readers from a range of backgrounds to understand and apply these new technologies.

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