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Volume 6. Reviving the Living

Published: 7th April 2008 Author: Yair Neuman
PART 1. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? REDUCTIONISM AND ITS LIMITATIONS Ch. 1: What is Reductionism? Ch. 2: Who is Reading the Book of Life? Ch. 3: Genetics: From Grammar to Meaning Making Ch. 4: A Point for Thought: Why are Organisms Irreducible? Ch. 5: A Point for Thought: Does the Genetic System Include a Meta-Language? Ch. 6: Immunology: From Soldiers to Housewives? Ch. 7: A Point for Thought: Immune Specificity and Brancusi's Kiss Ch. 8: A Point for Thought: Reflections on the Immune Self PART 2. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS STORY? Ch. 9: Meaning Making in Language and Biology Ch. 10: God's Sacred Words Ch. 11: It Means Nothing Ch. 12: A Point for Thought: Meaning-Bridging the Gap Between Physics and Semantics Ch. 13: The Rest is Silence PART 3. ON THE WILD SIDE: FOUR LESSONS Ch. 14: The Polysemy of the Sign: A Quantum Lesson Ch. 15: Recursive-Hierarchy: A Lesson From the Tardigrade Ch. 16: Context and Memory: A Lesson From Funes the Memorious Ch. 17: Transgradience: A Lesson from Bakhtin PART 4. FROM MECHANICS TO POIESIS Ch. 18: The Poetry of Living

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Volume 5. Systems Self-Assembly

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Volume 4. Memory Evolutive Systems; Hierarchy, Emergence, Cognition

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Volume 3. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Theory in Medicine

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Volume 2. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Visual Representations and Interpretations

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Volume 1. Modeling: Gateway to the Unknown

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