Series: Radioactivity in the Environment

This new book series on environmental radioactivity addresses, at academic research level, the key aspects of this socially important and complex interdisciplinary subject. Presented objectively and with the ultimate authority gained from the many contributions by the world's leading experts, the negative and positive consequences of having a radioactive world around us will be documented and given perspective. In a world in which nuclear science is not only less popular than in the past but also less extensively taught in universities and colleges, this book series will hopefully fill a significant educational gap. At its core the series will consist of books on each of the big basic subjects including radioactivity in the terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environments; transfers of radioactivity through ecosystems; predictive modelling of radioactivity transport and distributions; isotopes as tracers; speciation and microbiological mediation of radionuclides; health effects of environmental radioactivity to both humans and biota and public perceptions and understanding of radioactivity in the environment. In addition to the above purpose-written core books there will be a sub-series of selected books based on research conferences on specialised subjects. These volumes will contain only peer-reviewed, revised and improved contributions, and provide an opportunity to collect together the best cutting-edge researchers on "hot topics". In this comprehensive series the reader will find detailed and authoritative scientific answers to the commonly asked and key questions about radioactivity in the environment. It complements Elsevier Science's ongoing coverage of research on this important topic via the [Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, ](/locate/jenvrad)for nearly 20 years the only dedicated forum for dissemination of new developme

Most recent volume

Volume 99. Health Effects of Environmental Radioactivity

Editors: F. Brechignac
Large-scale environmental problems remind us the link that intimately binds human health and environmental health together. Although primarily designed to serve humankind, industrial and economical activities are also promoting detrimental impacts on humans themselves and the environment, leading to an ever stronger finding that human health requires a healthy environment. In this context, the health effects of environmental radioactivity, both on humans and biota, are currently particularly debated. This is especially boosted by the civil use of nuclear energy in view of fulfilling future societies energetic needs, and the experience of the Chernobyl accident that yielded catastrophic consequences. This book tackles the health effects of environmental radioactivity on both humans and biota in a integrated manner, therefore strengthening the fact that life, whether human, animal or vegetal, is always bound to an ecosystem hosting a complex network of interactions.

Additional volumes

Volume 22. Radioactive Particles

Published: 12th April 1920 Editors: Brit Salbu

Volume 20. Radiation, Risk and Ethics

Editors: Deborah Oughton

Volume 19. Social and Ethical Aspects of Radiation Risk Management

Published: 20th September 2013 Editors: Deborah Oughton Sven Hansson

Volume 18. Tropical Radioecology

Published: 18th October 2012 Editors: J.R. Twining

Volume 17. TENR - Technologically Enhanced Natural Radiation

Published: 22nd January 2010 Editors: Anselmo Salles Paschoa F. Steinhausler

Volume 16. Environmental Radionuclides

Published: 8th October 2009 Editors: Klaus Froehlich

Volume 15. Airborne Radioactive Contamination in Inhabited Areas

Published: 9th September 2009

Volume 14. Remediation of Contaminated Environments

Published: 2nd June 2009

Volume 13. U-Th Series Nuclides in Aquatic Systems

Published: 12th May 2008

Volume 12. Radioactive Aerosols

Published: 5th December 2007 Editors: Constantin Papastefanou

Volume 11. Analysis of Environmental Radionuclides

Published: 1st November 2007 Editors: Pavel Povinec

Volume 10. Radioactivity in the Terrestrial Environment

Published: 2nd March 2007

Volume 9. Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Published: 25th January 2007 Editors: W. Alexander Linda McKinley

Volume 8. International Conference on Isotopes and Environmental Studies

Published: 8th March 2006 Editors: Pavel Povinec J.A. Sanchez-Cabeza

Volume 7. The Natural Radiation Environment VII

Published: 30th March 2005 Editors: J.P. McLaughlin E.S. Simopoulos F. Steinhäusler

Volume 6. Marine Radioactivity

Published: 17th September 2004

Volume 5. Sedimentary Processes: Quantification Using Radionuclides

Published: 19th September 2003 Editors: J. Carroll I. Lerche

Volume 4. Modelling Radioactivity in the Environment

Published: 22nd May 2003 Editors: E.M. Scott

Volume 3. Radioactive Fallout after Nuclear Explosions and Accidents

Published: 20th June 2002 Editors: Y.A. Izrael

Volume 2. Interactions of Microorganisms with Radionuclides

Published: 22nd April 2002 Editors: M.J. Keith-Roach F.R. Livens

Volume 1. Plutonium in the Environment

Published: 23rd February 2001 Editors: A. Kudo