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Volume . QuickTime for the Web

QuickTime is the industry standard for creating and distributing multimedia content on the Web. This book includes QuickTime Pro 5 and a full set of development tools for both Windows and Macintosh. Like the best-selling and award-winning QuickTime for the Web, this second edition is a hands-on guide showing how to integrate video, recorded sound, Flash animation, virtual reality, MIDI, text, still images, live streams, games, and user interactivity into a website. Written for webmasters, site designers, HTML and multimedia authors and instructors, and anyone else--beginner or expert--who wants to incorporate sound or video into their website, this book offers clear and detailed instruction in an engaging style. This is the most complete and authoritative source for creating QuickTime content and putting it on the Web. The first edition has been selected as a textbook for several college-level multimedia courses. The first edition of this book won the Touchstone 2000 Merit Award for Books awarded annually by STC (Society for Technical Communications). About the CD-ROM: The accompanying CD-ROM contains the full version of QuickTime Pro 5 (a $29.99 value) for Windows and Macintosh. Its powerful, extensible software architecture lets you deliver state-of-the-art digital content over the Web or on CD-ROM. It works equally well on Windows (95/98/NT/2000) and Mac OS. The CD-ROM also includes a variety of tools for creating and editing movies, along with cut-and-paste HTML and JavaScript examples.

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