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Volume 4. Generalized Multipole Techniques for Electromagnetic and Light Scattering

Published: 1st December 1999 Editor: T. Wriedt
1. Introduction. 2. Review of generalized multipole technique literature. 3. The multiple multipole program (MMP) and the generalized multipole technique (GMT). 4. Models of electromagnetic scattering problems based on discrete sources method. 5. Singularities of wave fields and numerical methods of solving the boundary-value problems for Helmholtz equations. 6. Yasuura's method, its relation to the fictitious-source methods, and its advancements in the solution of 2-D problems. 7. The method of auxiliary sources in electromagnetic scattering problems. 8. Numerical solution of electromagnetic scattering problems of three dimensional nonaxisymmetrical bodies on the foundation of discrete sources method. 9. Hybrid GMT-MoM method. 10. Null-field method with discrete sources.

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