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Book Series: Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2006

Most recent volume

Volume . Power Plants and Power Systems Control 2006

Published: 6th February 2007 Editor: David Westwick
Control plays a very important role in all aspects of power plants and power systems. The papers included in the 2006 Proceedings are by authors from a large number of countries around the world. They encompass a wide spectrum of topics in the control of practically every aspect of power plants and power systems.

Additional volumes

Information Control Problems in Manufacturing 2006

Published: 18th December 2006 Editors: Alexandre Dolgui Gerard Morel Carlos Pereira

Adaptation and Learning in Control and Signal Processing 2001

Published: 19th September 2002 Author: S. Bittanti

Time Delay Systems 2001

Published: 21st August 2002 Authors: K. Gu C. Abdullah S-I Niculescu

Periodic Control Systems 2001

Published: 9th August 2002 Authors: S. Bittanti P. Colaneri

Social Stability: The Challenge of Technology Development

Published: 26th April 2002 Author: Peter Kopacek

Distributed Computer Control Systems 2000

Published: 4th May 2001 Authors: A. Sowmya J. Park

Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control 2000

Published: 4th December 2000 Editors: V. Hernandez G.W. Irwin

Digital Control 2000: Past, Present and Future of PID Control

Published: 26th October 2000 Authors: J. Quevedo T. Escobet

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Methods for Nonlinear Control 2000

Published: 26th October 2000 Authors: N.E. Leonard Ricardo Ortega-Santiago

Space Robotics 1998

Published: 10th February 2000 Editor: S. Rondeau

Real Time Programming 1999

Published: 4th January 2000 Editors: A.H. Frigeri S.H. Son W.A. Halang

Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control 1998

Published: 26th November 1999 Editors: Y.H. Pao S.R. LeClair

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems 1998

Published: 26th November 1999 Editors: S. Nishida K. Inoue

Large Scale Systems: Theory and Applications 1998

Published: 11th June 1999 Editors: N.T. Koussoulas P.P. Groumpos

Nonsmooth and Discontinuous Problems of Control and Optimization 1998

Published: 5th January 1999 Authors: V.D. Batukhtin F.M. Kirillova V.I. Ukhobotov

Information Control in Manufacturing 1998 (2-Volume Set)

Published: 16th December 1998 Editors: G. Morel F.B. Vernadat

On-Line Fault Detection and Supervision in the Chemical Process Industries 1998

Published: 20th October 1998 Authors: P.S. Dhurjati Sylvie Cauvin

Supplemental Ways for Improving International Stability 1998

Published: 11th September 1998 Editors: I. Dumitrache F. Kile Peter Kopacek

Intelligent Components for Vehicles

Published: 11th September 1998 Editor: A. Ollero

Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control 1998

Published: 10th September 1998 Editors: D.F. Garcia Nocetti J. Solano Gonzalez P. Acevedo Contla P.J. Fleming

Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes 1997, (3-Volume Set)

Published: 24th April 1998 Editors: J. Chen R.J. Patton

Automation in the Steel Industry: Current Practice and Future Developments

Published: 24th April 1998 Editors: W.H. Kwon S. Won

Robot Control 1997

Published: 13th March 1998 Editor: M. Guglielmi

New Trends in Design of Control Systems 1997

Published: 12th March 1998 Editors: S. Kozak M. Huba

Dynamics and Control of Process Systems 1998 (2-Volume Set)

Published: 16th February 1998 Author: C. Georgakis

Robust Control Design 1997

Published: 23rd January 1998 Author: Cs. Banyasz

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1997

Published: 15th January 1998 Editors: I.M. MacLeod W.H. Kwon

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 1997

Published: 15th January 1998 Author: Jongyoung Kim

Singular Solutions and Perturbations in Control Systems

Published: 19th December 1997 Editors: V. Gurman B. Miller M. Dmitriev

Automated Systems Based on Human Skill (Joint Design of Technology and Organisation)

Published: 16th December 1996 Authors: Terence Martin D. Brandt

System Structure and Control 1995

Published: 26th October 1996 Editor: M. Guglielmi