Series: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Primers

Book Series: Hydrogen, Biomass and Bioenergy

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Volume . Hydrogen, Biomass and Bioenergy

Published: 16th June 2020 Editors: Bruno Pollet Jacob Joseph Lamb

Hydrogen and Bioenergy: Integration Pathways for Renewable Energy Applications focuses on the nexus between hydrogen and carbon compounds as energy carriers, with a particular focus on renewable energy solutions. This book explores opportunities for integrating hydrogen in the bioenergy value chain, such as adding hydrogen to upgrade biofuels and lower CO2 emissions during production. The book also takes the inverse path to examine hydrogen production by chemical and biological routes from various bioresources, including solid waste, wastewater, agricultural products and algae. This broad coverage of technologies and applications presents a unique resource for researchers and practitioners developing integrated hydrogen and bioenergy technologies.

This book will also be useful for graduate students and new researchers, presenting an introductory resource in the areas of hydrogen and bioenergy. Energy planners and engineers will also benefit from this content when designing and deploying hydrogen infrastructure for power, heating and transportation.

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