Series: Handbook of Powder Technology

Particle Breakage

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Volume 12. Particle Breakage

Published: 2nd October 2007 Editors: Agba Salman Mojtaba Ghadiri Michael Hounslow
Particle breakage is an important process within a wide range of solids processing industries, including pharmaceuticals, food, agricultural and mining. Breakage of particles can be defined as intentional and unintentional, depending on whether it is desired or not. Through understanding of the science and underlying mechanisms behind this phenomenon, particle breakage can be either minimised or encouraged within an efficient and effective process. Particle Breakage examines particle breakage at three different length scales, ranging from single particle studies through groups of particles and looking at solid processing steps as a whole. This book is the widest ranging book in the field and includes the most up-to-date techniques such as Distinct Element Method (DEM), Monte Carlo simulations and Population Balance Equations (PBE). This handbook provides an overview of the current state-of-the- art and particle breakage. From the small scale of a single particle, to the study of whole processes for breakage; both by experimental study and mathematical modelling.

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