Series: Handbook of Petroleum Exploration and Production

This Handbook is designed to provide a comprehensive source of detailed information on all aspects of petroleum exploration and production, both for the practising professional and student. Topics will include a range of introductory texts to in-depth reference works covering geology, geophysics, petrophysics and reservoir/petroleum engineering. Leading experts in industry, government and academia will be invited to develop books on these single discipline topics as well as integrated regional evaluations, field studies and business management. It is expected that 5 or more new parts to the Handbook will be issued each year.
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Book Series: New Perspectives on Deep-water Sandstones

Most recent volume

Volume 9. New Perspectives on Deep-water Sandstones

Published: 31st January 2012 Author: G. Shanmugam

This handbook is vital for understanding the origin of deep-water sandstones, emphasizing sandy-mass transport deposits (SMTDs) and bottom-current reworked sands (BCRSs) in petroleum reservoirs. This cutting-edge perspective, a pragmatic alternative to the conventional turbidite concepts, is crucial because the turbidite paradigm is built on a dubious foundation without empirical data on sandy turbidity currents in modern oceans. In the absence of evidence for sandy turbidity currents in natural environments, elegant theoretical models and experimental observations of turbidity currents are irrelevant substitutes for explaining the origin of sandy deposits as "turbidites." In documenting modern and ancient SMTDs (sandy slides, sandy slumps, and sandy debrites) and BCRSs (deposits of thermohaline [contour] currents, wind-driven currents, and tidal currents), the author describes and interprets core and outcrop (1:20 to 1:50 scale) from 35 case studies worldwide (which include 32 petroleum reservoirs), totaling more than 10,000 m in cumulative thickness, carried out during the past 36 years (1974-2010). The book dispels myths about the importance of sea level lowstand and provides much-needed clarity on the triggering of sediment failures by earthquakes, meteorite impacts, tsunamis, and cyclones with implications for the distribution of deep-water sandstone petroleum reservoirs.

Additional volumes

Volume 8. Physical Properties of Rocks

Published: 28th June 2011 Author: Juergen Schön

Volume 7. The Sea of Lost Opportunity

Published: 6th May 2011 Author: Norman J. Smith

Volume 5. Deep-Water Processes and Facies Models: Implications for Sandstone Petroleum Reservoirs

Published: 31st March 2006 Author: G. Shanmugam

Volume 4. A Generalized Approach To Primary Hydrocarbon Recovery Of Petroleum Exploration & Production

Published: 26th June 2003 Editors: M. Walsh L.W. Lake

Volume 3. Well Test Analysis

Published: 21st August 2002 Author: Dominique Bourdet

Volume 2. Statistics for Petroleum Engineers and Geoscientists

Published: 7th December 2000 Authors: Jerry Jensen L.W. Lake Patrick Corbett David Goggin

Volume 1. Operational Aspects of Oil and Gas Well Testing

Published: 10th March 2000 Author: S. McAleese