Series: Handbook of Numerical Analysis

The Handbook of Numerical Analysis series addresses key aspects of numerical analysis, serving as the essential reference work on the subject. Each volume concentrates on specific topics of particular interest with articles written by experts in the field. As a result, the series acts as an in-depth survey, reflecting the most recent trends and developments. For more information please contact the Series Editors: Professor Qiang Du, Columbia University. Professor Roland Glowinski, University of Houston. Professor Michael Hintermüller, Humboldt University of Berlin. Professor Endre Süli, University of Oxford. Or the Acquisitions Editor, Kirsten Shankland at

Most recent volume

Volume 17. Handbook of Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Problems

Published: 1st December 2016 Editors: Remi Abgrall Chi-Wang Shu

Additional volumes

Volume 16. Numerical Methods for Non-Newtonian Fluids

Published: 20th December 2010

Volume 15. Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Methods in Finance

Published: 5th December 2008

Volume 14. Computational Methods for the Atmosphere and the Oceans

Published: 28th November 2008

Volume 13. Numerical Methods in Electromagnetics

Published: 4th April 2005 Editors: W.H.A. SCHILDERS E.J.W. TER MATEN

Volume 12. Computational Models for the Human Body: Special Volume

Published: 16th July 2004 Editors: Nicholas, Philippe Ayache

Volume 11. Special Volume: Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Published: 30th May 2003 Editors: F Cucker Phillipe Ciarlet

Volume 10. Computational Chemistry

Published: 30th May 2003 Editors: Claude Le Bris

Volume 9. Numerical Methods for Fluids, Part 3

Published: 25th July 2003

Volume 8. Handbook of Numerical Analysis

Published: 20th December 2001 Editors: Philippe G. Ciarlet

Volume 7. Handbook of Numerical Analysis

Published: 21st November 2000 Editors: Philippe G. Ciarlet

Volume 6. Numerical Methods for Solids (Part 3) Numerical Methods for Fluids (Part 1)

Published: 13th November 1998 Editors: P.G. Ciarlet

Volume 5. Techniques of Scientific Computing (Part 2)

Published: 25th April 1997 Editors: P.G. Ciarlet

Volume 4. Finite Element Methods (Part 2), Numerical Methods for Solids (Part 2)

Published: 15th December 1995 Editors: P.G. Ciarlet

Volume 3. Techniques of Scientific Computing (Part 1) - Solutions of Equati

Published: 1st September 1994 Editors: P.G. Ciarlet

Volume 2. Finite Element Methods (Part 1)

Published: 11th February 1990 Editors: P.G. Ciarlet

Volume 1. Finite Difference Methods Solutions of Equations in R HNA 1

Published: 1st January 1981 Editors: P.G. Ciarlet J.-L. Lions