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Volume . Handbook of Food and Beverage Stability

Published: 10th March 1986 Editors: Author Unknown
FROM THE PREFACE: Fortunately, chemistry--the root of all life processes--is becoming better understood and more accessible. A strong synergism between the chemical, agricultural, and related sciences is highly desirable. This handbook attempts to provide in easily accessible detail up-to-date information relevant to the stability of foods and beverages. Highly qualified scientists have compiled an extraordinary amount of data on the chemical, biochemical, and microbiological stability, along with sensory aspects, of selected foods and beverages. These data have been distilled and are presented mostly in tabular form, with a minimum of commentary whenever possible.****A total of 17 chapters (10 on food, 7 on beverages) by renowned experts in their particular fields from the United States, Europe, and Japan present a wealth of food and beverage stability information in handbook format. In particular, the chapters on fish and shellfish, cheese, and meat are remarkable in presenting data not readily available in an easily digestible form.****This handbook, encompassing as it does aging, shelf life, and stability--in short, the knowledge necessary to ensure preservation of our food supply--should help to bring about the above-mentioned synergism between chemical, agricultural, and related sciences. It is expected to fill a need, especially through the convenience of its tabular presentations.

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Food Texture and Viscosity

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Gluten-Free Cereal Products and Beverages

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Statistical Methods in Food and Consumer Research

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Introduction to Food Science and Technology

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Thermobacteriology in Food Processing

Published: 28th June 1973 Editors: C. Stumbo

Physical Properties of Foods

Published: 15th February 2019 Editors: Abd Karim bin Alias

HPLC in Food Analysis

Published: 28th January 1988 Editors: Robert Macrae

Food Acceptance and Nutrition

Published: 17th December 1987 Editors: D. Booth R. Pangborn O. Raunhardt J. Solin

Microwaves in the Food Processing Industry