Series: Elsevier Ocean Engineering Series

The Elsevier Ocean Engineering Book Series addresses the need for a comprehensive and applied source of literature relevant to both researchers and practitioners alike. The books are predominantly directed at the applied areas of ocean engineering, including:

•ocean structures
• stability and dynamics of marine vehicles and floating bodies
• wave mechanics
• ocean materials and foundations
• marine geotechnology
• marine economics.
• ocean energy
• coastal engineering
• ocean engineering systems
• coastal engineering design
• ocean engineering design

Future publications in series:
Safety and Stability of Ships
Waves in Ocean Engineering
Ocean Wave Energy Utilization
Technologies and Methods in Ship Production
Marine Structural Design
Boat and Ship Geometry

Book Series: Stability and Safety of Ships

Most recent volume

Volume 9. Stability and Safety of Ships

Published: 26th November 2003 Authors: Lech Kobylinski Sigismund Kastner
A stability accident is one of the worst things that can happen to a ship. This two-volume set brings together the mass of information available in one practical reference and is essential reading to all concerned with the prevention against capsizing.

Additional volumes

Volume 8. Hurricane Generated Seas

Published: 13th November 2003 Author: Michel Ochi

Volume 6. Wave Energy Conversion

Published: 26th September 2003 Author: John Brooke

Volume 7. Technology and Safety of Marine Systems

Published: 22nd July 2003 Editor: Alan Pillay Author: J. Wang

Volume 5. Waves in Ocean Engineering

Published: 30th October 2001 Editors: M.J. Tucker E.G. Pitt

Volume 4. Load and Global Response of Ships

Published: 8th August 2001 Author: J.J Jensen

Volume 3. Pipelines and Risers

Published: 7th February 2001 Editor: Yong Bai

Volume 2. Wind Generated Ocean Waves

Published: 23rd March 1999 Author: I.R. Young

Volume 1. Practical Ship Design

Published: 11th November 1998 Author: D.G.M. Watson