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Volume 1. Modern Astrodynamics

Published: 5th September 2006 Series Volume Editor: Pini Gurfil
Forward; Introduction; 1.Perturbed Motion; David A. Vallado CSSI/AGI, Colorado Springs, USA 2. Gauge Freedom in Astrodynamics; Dr. Michael Efroimsky U.S. Naval Observatory, USA 3. Solving two-point boundary value problems using generating functions: Theory and Applications to Astrodynamics; Professor Daniel J. Scheeres and Dr. V.M Guibot, The University of Michigan, USA 4. Low Energy Transfers and Applications; Dr. Edward Belbruno, Princeton University 5. Set Orientated Numerical Methods in Space Mission Design; Dr. Michael Dellnitz University of Paderborn, Germany and Prof. Dr. Oliver Junge Munich University of Technology, Germany 6. Space Trajectory Optimisation and L1-Optimal Control Problems; Professor I. Michael Ross Naval Postgraduate School, USA 7. Orbital Mechanics of Propellantless Propulsion Systems; Professor Colin McInnes University of Strathclyde, UK and Professor M.P.Cartmell, University of Glasgow 8. Cooperative Spacecraft Formation Flying - Model Predictive Control with Open- and Closed-Loop Robustness Professor Jonathan P. How, Professor Louis Breger, Professor Gokhan Inalhan, and Professor Michael Tillerson Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA,