Series: Ecosystems of the World

The purpose of this distinguished book series is to describe the structure and functioning of all major types of ecosystem, whether aquatic or terrestrial, natural or subject to human influence - in some cases virtually man-made (like greenhouses, fishponds, or intensive animal production). The subjects covered by Ecosystems Of The World are divided by ecosystem types or biomes, so that each volume covers that type on a world-wide basis. For each volume, one or more specialists in the field have been appointed as editors, and they in turn have assembled specialist writers from all around the world to contribute chapters. The result is a series of volumes that will serve as a basic source of ecological knowledge and reference for many years. Each volume contains high quality subject, species and author indexes for ease of reference. Ecosystems of the World will appeal to biologists, ecologists, conservationists and land managers throughout the world. For further details and contents listings for individual volumes please select links below: Series URL: [](

Most recent volume

Volume 30. Subterranean Ecosystems

Published: 22nd September 2000 Editors: H. Wilkens D.C. Culver W.F. Humphreys
The last 50 years of research on the subterranean biome has revealed considerable taxonomic and ecological diversity as well as unique lineages of organisms - even a new animal class - dependent on a variety of energy sources. During this time biospeleology has developed from a descriptive discipline to encompass the whole field of biological science. The marked change of living conditions in the subterranean realm relative to the surface environment, due to the complete lack of light, provides unique opportunities to test various hypotheses. This book shows for the first time the importance for the biosphere of a previously neglected biota. The types of animals and habitats found in subterranean ecosystems are described together with the geological formations in which they occur and their distribution on earth. The ecology of some subterranean terrestrial and aquatic systems are described together with subterranean ecosystems in different climatic zones. The nature of the adaptations to life in complete darkness, and to the often sparse and patchily distributed foods or various trophic origins, are described. A central part of the volume deals with the characteristics and process involved in the adaptation, speciation and evolution of subterranean animals. The volume concludes with a consideration of the conservation issues arising.

Additional volumes

Volume 29. Managed Aquatic Ecosystems

Published: 1st May 1987 Editors: Roger Michael

Volume 28. Ecosystems of the Deep Oceans

Published: 27th March 2003 Editors: P.A. Tyler

Volume 25. Coral Reefs

Published: 30th November 1990 Editors: Z. Dubinsky

Volume 24. Intertidal and Littoral Ecosystems

Published: 18th December 1991 Editors: A.C. Mathieson P.H. Nienhuis

Volume 23. Lakes and Reservoirs

Published: 1st July 1984 Editors: F.B. Taub

Volume 22. River and Stream Ecosystems

Published: 8th June 1995 Editors: C.E. Cushing K.W. Cummins G.W. Minshall

Volume 21. Bioindustrial Ecosystems

Published: 1st July 1986 Editors: D.J.A. Cole G.C. Brander

Volume 20. Greenhouse Ecosystems

Published: 1st July 1999 Editors: G. Stanhill H.Z. Enoch

Volume 19. Tree Crop Ecosystems

Published: 8th March 2001 Editors: F.T. Last

Volume 18. Field Crop Ecosystems

Published: 17th January 1992 Editors: C.J. Pearson

Volume 17B. Managed Grasslands

Published: 1st September 1987 Editors: R.W. Snaydon

Volume 17A. Managed Grasslands

Published: 22nd November 1990 Editors: A.I. Breymeyer

Volume 16. Ecosystems of Disturbed Ground

Published: 17th December 1999 Editors: L.R. Walker

Volume 15. Forested Wetlands

Published: 24th September 1990 Editors: A.E. Lugo S. Brown Mark Brinson

Volume 14B. Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystems

Published: 1st May 1989 Editors: H. Lieth M.J.A. Werger

Volume 8B. Natural Grasslands

Published: 26th February 1993 Editors: R.T. Coupland

Volume 8A. Natural Grasslands

Published: 24th April 1992 Editors: R.T. Coupland

Volume 7. Temperate Deciduous Forests

Published: 21st November 1991 Editors: E. Röhrig B. Ulrich

Volume 6. Coniferous Forests

Published: 2nd December 2005 Editors: F.A. Andersson

Volume 3. Polar and Alpine Tundra

Published: 23rd October 1997 Editors: F.E. Wielgolaski

Continental Shelves

Published: 1st May 1988 Editors: H. Postma J.J. Zijlstra

Temperate Broad-Leaved Evergreen Forests

Published: 1st November 1983 Editors: J.D. Ovington

Volume 26. Estuaries and Enclosed Seas

Published: 1st March 1983 Editors: B.H. Ketchum

Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystems

Published: 1st February 1983 Editors: F.B. Golley

Temperate Deserts and Semi-Deserts

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: N.E. West

Tropical Savannas

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: F. Bourlière

Volume 11. Mediterranean-Type Shrublands

Published: 1st July 1981 Editors: F. Di Castri R.L. Specht D.W. Goodall

Wet Coastal Ecosystems

Published: 1st January 1977 Editors: V.J. Chapman