Series: Developments in Water Science

This series deals with all aspects of the science and technology of water quality and water management, including topics such as treatment processes, water quality standards, as well as all aspects of hydrological sciences, plus disciplines such as surface and groundwater hydrology, hydrometeorology and hydrogeology.

The series includes research monographs, advanced level textbooks and proceedings volumes.
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Book Series: Environmental Hydraulics

Most recent volume

Volume 56. Environmental Hydraulics

Published: 19th December 2006 Authors: Ioannis Tsanis Jian Wu Huihua Shen Caterina Valeo
1. Introduction

1.1 Environmental Hydraulics
1.2 Methodology
2. The Mathematical Theory of Circulation Models
2.1 Governing Equations
2.2 Basic Assumptions
2.3 Turbulence Closure
2.4 Boundary and Initial Conditions
2.5 Circulation Theory
2.6 Model Considerations
2.7 Finite Difference Method
3. The Vertically-Integrated Two Dimensional Models
3.1 Governing Equations
3.2 Numerical Methods
3.3 Numerical Experiments
4. Three-Dimensional Circulation Models
4.1 A Vertical-Horizontal Splitting 3-D Model
4.2 An External-Internal 3-D Model (Princeton Model)
4.3 An Operator Splitting 3-D Model
4.4 A Control Volume 3-D Model (IDOR)
4.5 A Fully Three-Dimensional Model
4.6 A Large Eddy Simulation Model
5. Quasi Three Dimensional Circulation Models
5.1 Q-3D Model
5.2 Vertical Eddy Viscosity Distribution
5.3 Vertical Horizontal Integrating (VHI) Method
6. Particle Trajectory and Pollutant Transport Models
6.1 Particle Trajectory Models
6.2 Numerical Schemes for 2-D Pollutant Transport Models
6.3 Numerical Schemes for the 3-D Pollutant Transport Model
7. Numerical Analysis of Coarse Fine Grid Models
7.1 Approaches to Modelling Near Shore Areas
7.2 Algorithm for Coupling the Coarse and Fine Grids
7.3 Applications to Hamilton Harbour
7.4 Applications to Toronto Waterfront
7.5 Applications to Lake Biwa
8. Model Verifications with Analytical Solutions and Laboratory Data
8.1 Pollutant Transport and Residence Time in a Model Basin
8.2 Study of Wind Induced Flows
9. Model Applications to the Great Lakes
9.1 General Circulation in the Great Lakes
9.2 Bacterial Transport of the St.Clair River in Sarnia
9.3 Toronto Waterfront Receiving Water Study
9.4 Hamilton Harbour Study
9.5 Cootes Paradise Study
9.6 Lake St.Clair Study
9.7 Lake Simcoe Study
9.8 Little Lake and Crary Park Marina Study
10. Model Applications to Other Lakes and Coastal Waters
10.1 Model Application in Gretan Pelagos (Mediterranean Sea)
10.2 Model Applications to Lake Biwa
11. The Future in Hydrodynamic Modelling
11.1 Environmental Information Systems (EIS)
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Additional volumes

Volume 52. Underground Injection Science and Technology

Published: 28th October 2005 Editors: C-F. Tsang J.A. Apps

Volume 54. Lake and Reservoir Management

Published: 17th March 2005 Authors: S.E. Jorgensen Heinz Loffler Walter Rast Milan Straskraba

Volume 55. Computational Methods in Water Resources, Part 1

Published: 3rd March 2005 Editors: C.T. Miller M.W. Farthing W.G. Gray G.F. Pinder

Volume 55. Computational Methods in Water Resources, Part 2

Published: 3rd March 2005 Editors: C.T. Miller M.W. Farthing G.F. Pinder W.G. Gray

Volume 50. Water Resources Perspectives: Evaluation, Management and Policy

Published: 9th December 2003 Editors: W.W. Wood A.S. Alsharhan

Volume 51. Water Resources Systems Planning and Management

Published: 12th September 2003 Authors: Sharad Jain V.P. Singh

Volume 47. Computational Methods in Water Resources

Published: 14th June 2002 Editors: R.J. Schotting G.F. Pinder W.G. Gray S.M. Hassanizadeh

Volume 1. Computer Systems and Water Resources

Published: 1st April 2000 Series Volume Editor: George Bugliarello

Volume 15. Pipeline Design for Water Engineers

Published: 1st April 2000 Series Volume Editor: D. J. Stephenson

Volume 3. Multiobjective Optimization in Water Resources Systems

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 9. Reservoir Capacity and Yield

Published: 1st April 2000 Series Editors: Thomas McMahon Russel Mein

Volume 2. Physiological Limnology

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 16. Symposium on Geochemistry of Groundwater

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 6. Pipeline Design for Water Engineers

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 21. Hydrology of the Nile Basin

Published: 1st April 2000 Series Editor: Mamdouh Shahin

Volume 12. Contemporary Hydrogeology

Published: 1st April 2000

Volume 46. Analytical Solutions of Geohydrological Problems

Published: 15th February 1999 Editor: G.A. Bruggeman

Volume 45. Time Series Modelling of Water Resources and Environmental Systems

Published: 7th April 1994 Authors: K.W. Hipel A.I McLeod

Volume 42. Estimation Theory in Hydrology and Water Systems

Published: 10th June 1993 Author: K. Nacházel

Volume 43. Water Hammer in Pipe-Line Systems

Published: 5th May 1993 Author: J. Záruba

Volume 44. Applied Geophysics in Hydrogeological and Engineering Practice

Published: 28th January 1993 Editors: W.E. Kelly S. Mareš

Volume 41. Water Resources Development in Developing Countries

Published: 5th March 1991 Authors: M.S. Peterson D.J. Stephenson

Volume 38. Groundwater Resources Assessment

Published: 7th September 1989 Author: J. Balek

Volume 40. Pipeline Design for Water Engineers

Published: 1st June 1989 Author: D.J. Stephenson

Volume 39. Groundwater Economics

Published: 1st April 1989 Editors: E. Custodio A. Gurguí

Volume 33. Water Management in Reservoirs

Published: 1st February 1989 Authors: L. Votruba V. Broža

Volume 37. Groundwater Discharge Tests: Simulation and Analysis

Published: 1st November 1988 Author: D. Clarke

Volume 32. Analysis of Water Resource Systems

Published: 1st September 1988 Author: L. Votruba

Volume 34. Water and Wastewater Systems Analysis

Published: 1st July 1988 Author: D.J. Stephenson

Volume 30. Microcomputer Programs for Groundwater Studies

Published: 1st June 1987 Author: D. Clarke

Volume 31. Hydraulic Processes on Alluvial Fans

Published: 1st June 1987 Author: R.H. French

Volume 28. Water Resources and Water Management

Published: 1st January 1987 Author: M.K. Jermar

Volume 29. Reservoir Sedimentation

Published: 1st January 1987 Author: G.W. Annandale

Volume 26. Kinematic Hydrology and Modelling

Published: 1st April 1986 Authors: M.E. Meadows D.J. Stephenson

Volume 27. Statistical Aspects of Water Quality Monitoring

Published: 1st January 1986 Editors: A.H. El-Shaarawi R.E. Kwiatkowski

Volume 25. Groundwater Modelling

Published: 1st January 1986 Author: W. Kinzelbach

Volume 24. Groundwater Monitoring Handbook for Coal and Oil Shale Development

Published: 1st July 1985 Author: L.G. Everett

Volume 20. Morphometry of Drainage Basins

Published: 1st January 1985 Author: I. Zavoianu

Volume 22. Streamflow Characteristics

Published: 1st January 1985 Author: H.C. Riggs

Volume 21. Hydrology of the Nile Basin

Published: 1st January 1985 Author: M.M.A. Shahin

Volume 23. Municipal Waste Water Treatment

Published: 1st January 1985 Author: M. Negulescu

Volume 19. Pipeflow Analysis

Published: 1st February 1984 Author: D.J. Stephenson

Volume 18. Hydrology and Water Resources in Tropical Regions

Published: 1st July 1983 Author: J. Balek

Volume 13. Seepage and Groundwater

Published: 1st January 1982 Authors: M.A. Mariño J.N. Luthin

Volume 17. Time Series Methods in Hydrosciences

Published: 1st January 1982 Editors: A.H. El-Shaarawi S.R. Esterby

Volume 14. Stormwater Hydrology and Drainage

Published: 1st January 1981 Author: D.J. Stephenson

Volume 10. Seepage Hydraulics

Published: 1st January 1981 Author: G. Kovács

Volume 7. Groundwater Hydraulics

Published: 1st January 1979 Authors: V. Hálek J. Švec

Volume 11. Hydrodynamics of Lakes

Published: 1st January 1979 Editors: W.H. Graf C.H. Mortimer

Volume 8. Hydrology and Water Resources in Tropical Africa

Published: 1st January 1977 Author: J. Balek

Volume 5. Turbulent Jets

Published: 1st January 1976 Author: N. Rajaratnam

Volume 4. Groundwater Pollution

Published: 1st January 1975 Author: J.J. Fried